Paul McCartney - I'll Follow The Sun

Paul McCartney sings "I'll Follow The Sun" with his band on the stage of the Olympia in Paris on the 22/10/07.

Sir Paul McCartney is back in Paris on the stage of the Olympia where he last performed in 1964 with the Beatles.
The concert was performed on the 22nd of October 2007 in Paris.

This is a film by Don Kent (2007)


Some cute pics of the adorable Paul McCartney!!!

Paul McCartney - "I'll Follow The Sun" (Live in Kiev 14.06.2008)


The former Beatle played to an audience of 350,000 in the capital Kiev's main square on June 14 2008.
Thunder and lightning filled the skies yet the true electricity came from the stage as Sir Paul McCartney gave his first ever concert in Kiev.

A record 350,000 braved the inclement weather to see the musician. The charity concert, in the former Soviet republic's Independence Square, was the Ukraine's biggest ever.
The gig was simultaneously broadcast on giant screens in six other Ukrainian cities and on television, with an estimated 10 million people watching.

Organisers of the charity event said money raised will be spent on equipment to help children with cancer.

Paul McCartney played:

'Drive My Car'
'All My Loving'
'Only Mama Knows'
'Flaming Pie'
'Got To Get You Into My Life&

Эксклюзивный сольный концерт в честь 400-летия Квебека, столицы одноименной канадской провинции, легенды мировой музыки Сэра Пола Маккартни 20 июля в историческом парке Plains of Abraham, расположенном в пригороде Квебека. Организаторы мероприятия приготовили жителям франкоязычной провинции Канады подарок в качестве бесплатного входа на концерт МакКартни и в результате на концерте присутствовало более 200 тысяч человек. 66-летний Пол исполнил как песни легендарных The Beatles, так и свои произведения.

('Independence' Concert (Live in Kiev, June 14, 2008)

Paul McCartney - I'll Follow The Sun. Live in Saint-Petersburg 2004.
(Palace Square)