The Ake Bono Tuning is an ancient Japanese scale that sounds great on the kalimba.

Sweep picking and pentatonic lick.
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This lick taken from my song 'If You Leave Me'.
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For this video

Bm7 Fusion Pentatonic Phrase - GL@

I have used:

Ableton 9
Bias Amp
J. Rockett Blue Note


Tritic Delay
Valhalla Room


Gibson Lp japan replic & C.A.J. - cable
fender "Telecaster" John 5 model

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Бобби МакФеррин на Всемирном Научном фестивале демонстрирует возможности пентатоники. Пентатоника - древняя звуковая система, на которой строится музыкальная культура многих народов, в частности Японии и Китая, Индии. В данном случае МакФеррин показывает, что музыкальное восприятие есть у любого человека по умолчанию на уровне неосознанного инстинкта. И аудитория поёт, не зная нот..
World Science Festival 2009

Бобби МакФеррин демонстрирует силу пентатоники.

Young Guitar presents guitar instructional video Zakk Wylde: Pentatonic Hardcore.

Full Guitar Licks / Complete Guitar Lessons HD

You can put your pentatonic kalimba into this tuning - learn more here:

Lead Guitarist for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Drew OfThe Drew, talks with EMGtv about pentatonic scale substitutions. The Berklee College of Music grad shows how starting this basic shape on different scale degrees can create unique sounds to break you out of the traditional blues box. Maddie Rice is using the EMG 57 humbucker in the bridge and the EMG SAV single coil pickups in the middle and neck positions. Subscribe to EMGtv for updates on our weekly music videos and interviews with Tommy Arm

“This is what happens when you decide to go back up the descending pentatonic run in the aviator solo 🤘🏼@ernieball”

“#Pentatonic #lick #guitar #metal #guitarist #shreadding”

Как эволюционировала музыка! (Акапелла)

D-major and pentatonic lick. Download tabs:

This lick taken from my song 'Autumn Melody'.
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Melodic minor + Pentatonic lick in A key.
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This lick has been taken from my song 'First Step'.
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E pentatonic scale over I chord in E guitar lick

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Глюкофон от unisondrum
Заказать глюкофон с данным строем можно у нас в группе, или на сайте
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Песня «Hallelujah» в их исполнении набрала уже 12 миллионов просмотров за 3 дня! Восторг!
[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Hallelujah - Pentatonix

G2 / D3 F3 G3 Bb3 C4 D4 F4 G4

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Paul describes the pentatonic scale for vocalists!

Fast pentatonic lick in F#minor with chromatic.
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This lick taken from my song 'First Step'.
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This one is in the key of Bm pentatonic using legato and wide stretches. It has a nice, repeating pattern running throughout it which I hope you guitar players will enjoy.
Pentatonic licks don't have to be mediocre =D See if you can find some interesting patterns for yourself.

Alfred potter

C Suzuki Manji m-20 harmonica (cross harp) .A brief how to on playing the Major Pentatonic scale with some reference to the Minor Pent. and Blues scales . This is illustrated in a call and response pattern or question and answer via Major and Minor scales.1st:Major. 2nd: Minor
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Perfectly done home task: make your own pentatonic etude!!!LETS ROCK!!!!!

The Hugh Tracey Box Pentatonic Kalimba can be tuned in many ways, and the G minor pentatonic scale is one of my favorites. This piece is based on a Malian blues groove.

This kalimba is available at Kalimba Magic in various tunings:

And with electronic pickup:

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Legato lick used tapping arpegio and pentatonic scale. Slow / Fast tempo. Tabs at the end of the video! Enjoy!) Ibanez RG570, Strings 10-46

Легатный лик с использованием теппинга, арпеджио и пентатоники в медленном и быстром темпе. ТАБУЛАТУРА в конце видео!

GREAT GUITAR . Уроки электрогитары в СПБ и по Skype_
Буду благодарен за помощь в развитии канала! ПОДПИСЫВАЙТЕСЬ, ОСТАВЛЯЙТЕ КОММЕНТАРИИ)


I've been wanting to share some of my favorite Jaco Pastorius bass riffs with you guys for a while, and this one seemed like a good place to start! You can hear it featured prominently towards the end of Weather Report's "River People," and also on a lot of different live Jaco Pastorius albums.

The right hand gets most of the workout on this riff. I've indi

Baby Tonga-меньшая из семейства Тонга (диаметр 28см, высота 7см).
Tonga (от англ. tongue - язычок) - перкуссионный язычковый барабан. Инструмент, альтернативный Hang Drum(у). Производная глюкофона. Улучшенный звук, изящная форма.
Hand made in Ukraine.

Подписывайтесь и развивайтесь!

Here is the Tab for the exercise:

* 2 draw (as the ROOT of I), THEN play the scale: 2 draw, 3 draw bent 1/2 step, 4 blow, 4 draw, 5 draw, 6 blow (4 times)

* 4 Blow (as the ROOT of IV), THEN play the scale: 2 draw, 3 draw bent 1/2 step, 4 blow, 4 draw, 5 draw, 6 blow (2 Times)

*2 Draw (as the ROOT of I), THEN play the scale: 2 draw, 3 draw bent 1/2 step, 4 blow, 4 draw, 5 draw, 6 blow (2 times)

*4 Draw (as the ROOT of V), THEN play the scale: 2 draw, 3 draw bent 1/2 step, 4 blow, 4 draw, 5 draw, 6 blow

In this lesson I am going to take another approach to using pentatonic scales so that we can get some other sounds than what you might already use from it. I am going to do that by analyzing some of the different structures that are contained in it and later demonstrating how that can be used in a solo.

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Renowned fusion guitarist and Musicians Institute guitar instructor Scott Henderson sits down with Jude Gold to share compelling and clever ways to use the pentatonic scale. Filmed in the concert hall at Musicians Institute. For more information on GIT, the Guitar Program at Musicians Institute, click to

This Hugh Tracey Pentatonic Kalimba has been retuned to the ancient
Japanese Ake Bono scale, and the video is the first instructional material
available for this exotic tuning of the Hugh Tracey 11-Note kalimba. By
the way, this one is in G Ake Bono, but it is simple enough to retune this
to an A Ake Bono, which would then play beautifully with the Sansula
in standard Ake Bono tuning.<br/><br/>

So here's one of many pentatonic runs that Joe Bonamassa uses in his playing. They are quite similar to Eric Johnson's and need lots of wrist muscle to perform so keep practising 'till you get it! If you get this one down you'll probably be able to tackle a lot of Joe's runs.

I went with a clean sound so you can hear which notes are picked which aren't, though it's mostly alternate picking.

I'd also like to thank Orestis Nalmpantis from Thessaloniki, Greece who helped me figure out part of th

Richie Blake explains and shows the importance of the Pentatonic scale

Download support PDF for this lesson:

More PDFs from:

The Am Pentatonic Scale shown covering the whole fretboard in 5 positions.

Remember that Am is the 6th of C Major. Am and C Major are a part of the same diatonic system. Same notes.
Am Pentatonic = C Major Pentatonic.

Pentatonic = Five Note Scale -- A Five Note Version of Major/Minor

Jump To:
Position 1:
Position 2:
Position 3:
Position 4:
Position 5:

This video shows how I play certain pentatonic patterns using sweep picking. I learned this technique from Frank Gambale's instructional videos and have incorporated it into my own playing. It's worth discovering for yourself.

This is a small fragment of the stuff that I teach at DWEEZILLA, my music school.

Всем привет!!!
Предлагаю Вашему вниманию мелодическую фразу построенную на основе соединения минорной пентатоники и мажорного аккорда Bm Pentatonic in Cmaj#11 Chord с
исползованием приема tapping.

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Шитовые вариации пентатоники

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DOWNLOAD NOW w/ tab, notation, & jams:

In this lesson I want to show you how you might apply the material I made in previous lessons on pentatonic scales on a jazz standard and use that approach to play the whole thing.

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Don Julin explains how to use pentatonic scales to play over chord changes.

Bass Tonga-самая большая из семейства Тонга (имеет 10 язычков+1 бассовый в центре; диаметр 39см, высота 11см).
Tonga (от англ. tongue - язычок) - перкуссионный язычковый барабан. Инструмент, альтернативный Hang Drum(у). Производная глюкофона. Улучшенный звук, изящная форма.
Hand made in Ukraine.


New York Film Academy student Arseniy Grobovnikov made a video for the Schleck^Stecker RMX of THE DEVILS HAND

director: Arseniy Grobovnikov
track: Pentatones - The Devil's Hand Schleck^Stecker RMX
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This is the performance to the Artist Study "Santana Guitar Style" on Guitar Now Online. Lessons include topic on Pentatonic scales and connections, the Dorian Mode, repeated noted and more.

Free chord Ebook here

Learn the Pentatonic Guitar Scale Solo

соединяем все позиции пентатоники.

очень полезная тема, что бы научиться "видеть" гриф в нужной тональности.
игра 1 и 3 пальцем дает растяжку 80 lvl :))

Caisa gestimmt in A Moll Pentatonic

A Moll Pentatonic: E in der Mitte ; A, H, C`, E`, F`, A`, H`, C``, E`` ( 10 Noten)

Die Stimmung ist : e in der Mitte und die äußeren Töne beginnen mit dem tiefsten Ton, dem a und dann folgen tonaufwärts h, c, e, f, a, h, c², e². Die a Moll pentatonische Skala umschließt die Quinte e in der Mitte und veredelt damit den Gesamtklang des Instrumentes. Die beruhigende und entspannende Eigenschaft der a-Pentatonischen Skala, in Japan auch Akebono genannt, mit seinem Hauch von Melancholie macht es ideal für Meditation und Entspannung.

1 Цикл универсальных упражнений для освоения лада минорной пентатоники и улучшение навыка видения его на грифе.
В упражнениях используется пентатоника 5 ступенчатый звукоряд

Курс современной гармонии и импровизации Guitar Logic

Все учебные материалы по данному уроку находятся в группе GuitarLogic
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Welcome to Fusion Essentials, a series of video lessons on developing fusion improvisation. Expand your soloing with pentatonic superimposition!

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Chinese musician playing on the Canal Street subway station, NYC

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A lead guitar tutorial on finding your minor pentatonic scale across the fretboard using the "CAGED" system. In this intermediate-advanced guitar lesson, Philadelphia based guitar instructor Rob Swift shows six different positions of the common pentatonic rock guitar scale. With each new scale pattern, you'll learn two useful licks in the high and low octaves. Let's get started!

Try L

Ханги. Minor Pentatonic scales.

This video gives you an exercise to help you develop your alternate picking using the minor pentatonic scale.

Find the related course notes on the following link:

The Justinguitar Beginners Guitar Course, a series of over 100 lessons on guitar for beginners. Text support is on the web site and also in a proper old skool paper book which can be ordered from the web site of your local music store :)

Taught by Justin Sandercoe.

Full support at the just

Небольшая демонстрация применения ликов из хроматического этюда

Intro/Outro song: ‘Into The Sun’ by Seventh Dan Counterforce (Chris’ solo project please support and buy!!!)

Hey dudes. This lick using a pentatonic mentality (1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th note of scale) but using the D lydian scale. It has kind of a hirojoshi vibe if you’ve heard that scale before. I decided to ad some fun taps with a triplet feel for funnies. Anyway enjoy!

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The Beast is the first single from the upcoming album Ouroboros by Pentatones (Lebensfreude Records LFC-08).

Directed by Konstantina Kotzamani
Produced by Artemis Pattakou

Dop: Giorgos Karvelas
Editing: Smaro Papaevangelou
Set Design/Costumes: Nefeli Livieratou

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Видеошкола Зака Вайлда с русским переводом

Pygmy Pentatonic C-D-(D#)-G-(A#)-C-D-(D#)
мастерская изготовителя тут

Dance2sense is a special video-platform organized by Dance Centre Myway,
More information:
Music: Pentatones - Sleeping Bones .
Choreography by Tata Taranyuk.

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Bm pentatonic scale over IV-VI chords in B minor

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All guitarists learn the pentatonic scale, and it is a more versatile tool than most realise. In this lesson I am going to take the progression from Satin Doll and first show you how to play the chords and then go over how you can use pentatonic scales to improvise over it.

At the end of the video I talk a bit about how you use the pentatonic scales so that you still emphasize the changing chords and really follow the progression.

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Tonga (от англ. tongue - язычок) - перкуссионный язычковый барабан. Производная глюкофона. Улучшенный звук, изящная форма.
Полностью мой хэнд мэйд.

This one is for the beginners...he shows the different positions for the pentatonic scale in the key of A. Practice this for about 5 years, then move on to part 2!



Pentatonix ask Alexa to describe the pentatonic scale.
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мастерская Aleksoundrums предлагает услуги по заказу, изготовлению, покупке, продаже, выбору из наличия глюкофонов разного строя и различного дизайна как лепестков, так и текстуры самого инструмента. Все изготавливается в ручную!
глюкофон имеет множество названий: Hand drum, hant drum, steel drum, tonga, dream drum, dream ball, hank drum, tank drum и т.п. Инструмент появился на свет вслед за Hang Drum, как его младший брат и последователь.
С этим инструментом очень легко погружаться в транс, он бук

Watch in 720p HD for best sound quality.
Headphonnes Recommended

I just received this new magical Instrument from Russia!
" RAV Drum - Vast " . made by Andrey Remyannikov.
This was my first Exploration on this beauty. Discovering and feeling the possibilities.

I am very happy and impressed with Andrey's work.
It is something completely creative, fresh and new.

An incredible instrument with a deep and mystical sound. A sort of hybrid between a Tongue drum and Handpan. Super interesting timbre and te

Harness the power of the minor pentatonic scale by adding it to any 12 bar blues pattern in between chord. For any minor chord you're using, there ...

It is incredible how wide the range of sounds you can pull from a minor pentatonic scale is! This video is on 3 exercises and some licks.

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Download video:

Download the tabs + backing track here:

Let's learn new unconventional pentatonic licks in the key of A!
This video uses the...

The Minor Pentatonic Scale is perhaps the most widely used scale on the guitar. Learn how to use this simple trick for navigating different positio...

RAV Drum (aka RAV Vast) is a revolutionary new instrument that fuses the concepts behind handpans (hang drums) and tongue drums (traditionally made...

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Learning a group of 4 pentatonic box guitar shapes and linking them through the fretboard to make riffs and licks. Then connecting them with chords to get super groovy like a true champion.

The pentatonic scale is every guitar player’s favorite tool. It sounds good in most musical contexts, is super easy to memorize, and holds tons of cool usable licks that are simple to learn. That being said, it can sound quite predictable and sometimes make your solo sound like any others. Today’s lesson will teach you five super simple tricks you can use to make those pentatonic lines sound fresh and exciting!

Hack 1: Combining Positions
This one is very simple but can produce interesting lines that may n

Этот невероятно вдохновляющий сборник займёт вас на ближайшие 30 дней (все "дни" объединены в один видеоролик). Он полон уникальных идей, использующих минорную пентатонику. Каждый день вам будет представлена новая концепция, чтобы вы её попробовали и постарались включить в свою собственную игру.

University level guitar course for serious guitar players coming soon!
Playing modally can be challenging at first. Not only do you need to be aware of which notes really bring out the color of the mode you are using, but you also need to learn positions that are a bit more complex than the traditional pentatonic scales.

This lesson will help you dive into modal playing without having to memorize completely new positions. The trick is to

Inject some Speed, Accuracy, and Creativity into your solos with these Pentatonic exercises!
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Welcome to Beginning Improvisation, a series of lessons aimed at the novice improviser. In this lesson we take a look at the extended pentatonic scale, a very simple to play but useful scale.

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This is the standard tuning for the Hugh Tracey Pentatonic Kalimba.

This kalimba is available at Kalimba Magic in various tunings:

And with electronic pickup:

Its Micro Lesson Monday, can you keep up with Andy James teaching you this pentatonic speed lick guitar lesson. For more lessons by Andy James Click here

For the ultimate in guitar lessons, tutorials, and instruction visit our main site here LickLibrary is the premium online guitar school offering lessons and tutorials from beginner to advanced Level. Improve your playing now!

Welcome to Fusion Essentials, a series of video lessons on developing fusion improvisation. Expand your soloing with pentatonic superimposition! This episode looks at using pentatonic scales over altered dominant chords.

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The end of this pentatonic lesson from Shawn. He is showing how he might ascend the neck from position to position.

Private guitar lessons (Skype):
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Andy Aledort shows you how to use Pentatonic and Hexatonic Scales in all positions to enhance your guitar solos.

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RAV Vast - RAV Drum Pygmy
очень душевный и невероятно магический инструмент.

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Hi guys, Rick's Quick but Slick series is Back! Please visit my website where you can subscribe to receive free guitar/music resources. This content will ONLY be available to subscribers:

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The II V I is one of the most common and important progressions in jazz. So playing over a II V I is a necessary part of being able to play jazz. One way to get started with this is to use pentatonic scales as a starting point. In this lesson I will give you 3 pentatonic scales to use over a II V I in C, talk a bit about how you use them and give you 3 lines using the pentatonic scales.

You can download a PDF and read the article on my blog via this link:

Check out

Hey guys,

Today we are learning and creating the Minor Pentatonic scale.
Specifically the C Minor Pentatonic Scale, but once you learn the scale pattern you can play any Minor Pentatonic Scale.

C Minor Pentatonic Scale
(Just move this shape to any note on the thick E string)

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Most guitarists learn the pentatonic scale as one of the first things they ever learn on the guitar, and most of the time it is not a scale that we think too much about when we use it. It's just the pentatonic scale and it's something that is in our ears and fingers for years, even if we are already for the rest playing music with extended chords, altered dominants etc.

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[pentatonicS] - домашняя запись мелодии на акустической гитаре.

NOW AVAILABLE FOR INSTANT DOWNLOAD w/ all videos, tab, notation, and jam tracks:

Инструмент в наличии)

Am pentatonic licks by Evgeny Alekseev

Guitar pro and PDF file:

"Summertime", (George Gershwin), Part 2,. The Modern Sound Of Modal Jazz, features the use of the major and minor pentatonic scales for improvisation. The pentatonic scales are explained as they are used in the solo. There is a free download for this tutorial on Kent's website which illustrates the scales used and is a transcription of the solo played. This solo is played at 2 tempos, medium and slow, one at the beginning and the other at the end of the video.

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Pentatonic + Phrygian scale lick in E key. Also you will find sweep picking and legato techniques.
Download tabs here:


Eric Johnson style pentatonic lick as played by Joe Bonamassa. How to play step by step with on-screen tab.

тянем вторую струну на тон и первую на пол-тона

You may check the progress of work on your RAV Drum on

In this video I demonstrate that most melodies are based on the pentatonic scale. To do this I play each song within the same key of C major / A minor. And within this key, the 5 notes which make up most melodies are - C D E G A

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Продам ХАНГ

Продается Bali Steel Pan Minor Pentatonic - аналог Швейцарского Hang Drum (ханг-драм, хэнг драм или просто hang, ханг).

Масса: 4.6 кг
Диаметр: 58 см
Высота: 23 см
Производство: Индонезия
Строй: F Bb C# Eb F G# Bb C# Eb

Цена: 2000$

Как купить:

Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale, using audience participation, at the event "Notes & Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus".

Watch the full program here:
Original Program Date: June 12, 2009

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