Phantom of the Opera- Lindsey Stirling

Кавер на известный хит

Кавер мелодий из мюзикла "Призрак Оперы", а именно "The Phantom of the Opera", "Angel of Music", "Think of Me" в исполнении американской музыкантши Линдси Стирлинг.

Phantom of the Opera - Lindsey Stirling

Такого кавера на Вэбера я еще не видел!

Видео Файл Группы: "С Музыкой по жизни. Все для меломана. Музыка души"

Призрак оперы Линдси stirling

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Опубликовано 31 июля 2012 г.
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Опубликовано 31 июля 2012 г.
Pre-order my new album Shatter Me on iTunes: or on Pledge Music:
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So, this was our video submission for the contest Of a really awesome artist ¨Lindsey Stirling¨ And, yes! Its not finished cause we didnt have too much Time, but we are going to end this soon! (; It is a cover of Phantom of the opera- Lindsey Stilring but with the story of a REALLY cool game named ¨Alice Madness Returns¨ The sound of the violin is NOT mine, its from Lindsey Stilring, Im going to put mine later.

I was going to play the ¨angelic¨ parts of the song but, there were problems...

Phantom of the Opera- Lindsey Stirling ♡
By: Eli❤
Canal de lindseystomp :

Artista:Lindsey Stirling
Album:Lindsey Stirling

Its a lil off at times and the sound gets lower towards the video but its all fainee<br/><br/>

Концертная съемка выступления Lindsey Stirling которое проходило в Киеве 25.05.2013 в клубе "Зеленый театр" по улице парковая дорога 2.
Всем спасибо за просмотр, за то что пришли, ну а Линдси особая благодарность за весь тур!)
Phantom of the opera

Lindsey Stirling performing her The Phantom of the Opera arrangement as an encore at The Hamilton on 9/25/12.

Lindsey Stirling Live Performance of The Phantom of the Opera at UNCW!

♬ Lindsey Stirling ♬ Amazing Violin ♬

My interpretation of this popular musical medley arrangement for violin. My bow is losing hair every time I play it... :D
You can find the sheet music in Lindsey Stirling's website. I am playing over her recording... If an official backtrack of this song were to be released one day, I would be happy to play it again :))

На написание этой работы вдохновила меня замечательная скрипачка Lindsey Stirling......

Live at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA<br/><br/>

Thanks to Gavi, Drew, Lindsey and the whole Crew for this amazing show :))<br/><br/>

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It's a new cover of Lindsey.
Everything is playing by ear plus some of my ideas :)This is the second version on youtube I guess :)

Lindsey Stirling came to Austin Academy in Garland,Texas and performed Phantom of the Opera. Lindsey Stirling told us she played this song for her adopted Russian siblings because they couldnt understand her so she thought she could communicate with them through music. She thinks that whatever talent you have can bring others joy like her taleent brought her siblings joy. This is very cool!!! Please comment, suscribe, and enjoy =)<br/><br/>

Friends, here's the first of my three big videos this month: my piano arrangement of Lindsey Stirling's "Phantom of the Opera Medley". I hope you enjoy it!

Piano-Only version:

Sheet Music:
Also available here:

Just listen to her musicianship! Those scales, runs, o

Antes que nada tengo que aclarar que esta cover no es exactamente igual a la version original de Lindsey Stirling, ya que tanto las tonalidades y licks son distintos para darle un toque mas personal.

Espero que os guste y claro esta, no esta al nivel de la original pero de todas formas espero que os guste

Saludos ImI


First of all I have to clarify that this cover is not exactly like the original version Lindsey Stirling, as both are different tones and lick

Lindsey Stirling performing Phantom of the Opera @ Poppodium 013<br/><br/>

House of Blues: Cleveland, OH
Part 10/11: Phantom of the Opera<br/><br/>

Екатеринбург 23.05.2013 Tele-club

So I preformed this for a high school solo festival. No matter what i think.. the judge gave me the top score in my judging room. When i replay this i can find many things wrong:P please ignore some of the nasty out of tune notes (especially at the beginning!) and pretty much the whole piano part... WE WERE SOO OFF. Also I cut out part of it and the part of the piano part at the beginning because of a time restriction.
Check out Lindsey Stirling:<br/><br/>

This is not a criticism, it's just for fun because I know how it's difficult when you make a film to see this details. And these few details doesn't prevent the whole video is just beautiful!!! The work of Devin is just awesome.
I like especially see Devin, that's made me smile when I saw him the first time... :)

Edit 12-08-12 : Devin saw this video and told me on facebook :
"very good insight, keep on watchin and thanks"

The whole video is here (if you

Lindsey performing Phantom of the Opera

Materiał należy do TVN<br/><br/>

Пожалуй, самое эпичное из прозвучавшего! Жаль, только, что первые несколько секунд не успел снять.

This is another video from the short time Kuha'o had to meet and play with Lindsey Stirling. This video is incredible, two musicians with different styles that adapt to each other and speak through music. This was their first time playing this piece together and their first time meeting each other.

It's fun to watch this and try to decide who is taking the lead. As i filmed this and watched Kuha'o sway at the first of the song while Lindsey plays, it was touching and when his hands hit the keys,

Lindsey Stirling performing LIVE at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL on Saturday Oct 6, 2012. Video contains both "Transcendence" and "Phantom of the Opera" as an encore right before the show ended. The concert was awesome and Lindsey is a great performer!<br/><br/>

Just for fun video!! :D


Lindsey Stirling performing her song Transcendence and her version of Phantom Of The Opera during her 2013 show in Brisbane, Australia.

Links to the Mp3s from the clips that have been cleaned up etc are free to download from my dropbox here:<br/><br/>

Линдси Стирлинг - Призрак Оперы, Россия, Санкт-Петербург, клуб Космонавт 24.05.2013

Live at Webster Hall, NYC - May 16, 2012

Live at Webster Hall, NYC - May 16, 2012

Live at Webster Hall, NYC - May 16, 2012

Live in Provo, UT. February 17, 2012 at Velour

This is Lindsey playing Phantom of the Opera in Dallas. She broke 2 strings on her violin towards the end and she kept going. It was so good!

Lindsey Stirling's encore performance at SOHO Restaurant Music Club, in Santa Barbara, CA, on 11/7/12. Fantastic show. Something wrong happened at 3:29, making them redo the whole thing (no complaints there!)

If you can't tell, my arm was getting pretty tired from holding the camera above the crowd. I was trying not to wobble, did I do a good job?

Hi everyone, As you requested on my last video, I hope you like it, this is Lindsey Stirling's arrangement, I picked her version because I love her work. the song was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber.<br/><br/>

Lindsey Stirling live in Stockholm/Studion (26.01.13)<br/><br/>

Live at Idaho Botanical Gardens. Finale: Phantom of the Opera (Long intro introducing dancers). Vid taken with Samsung Tab S.

Lindsey Stirling si esibisce nella nuova Phantom of the Opera al Nova Aria di Arona (NO) 2012

Live Berlin January 15, 2013 @Lido (sold out)
Watch in HD for best Sound and Picture Quality<br/><br/>

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