LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Entagled in septic gore (LDOH cover), (taken from "Tribute to LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY" CD, released in 2010, limited to 500 copies)

This is a teaser for an epic project by London based artist Phlegm taking place in August 2015 at a mystery location.

Learn how to get rid of phlegm in throat without medication? You can try home remedies for cure throat congestion and phlegm quickly.

My two favorite songs from these guys, these two songs go so good that I just made them into one song.

Two legendary goregrind acts join forces in this vinyl picture disc: Dutch noise-y goregrinders Last Days Of Humanity from Noord-Brabant (since 1989) and Brazilian masters of pathological goregrind, Lymphatic Phlegm, from Curitiba (since 1996).

Released in 2004 (12" picture vinyl) by Black Hole Productions.

-- Last Days Of Humanity --
01.[00:00] Dysenteric Headless Investigation
02.[00:43] Deranged Bloody Autopsy
03.[01:39] Garbagebag With Human Waste
04.[02:21] Crispy Between The Boils

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Originally "Ya Mokrotoy Podavilsya" (я мокротой подавился - так смешно?). I have no idea when i recorded this shit. Maybe 2010. Vocals was recorded by Trombovoz in "Gazprom" pipes at october 2012.

Такой же как и предыдуиo видео-ролик со съемок, только дольше.

During the summer 2014 Ingvill and Lena Sunnby documented this epic wall piece by Phlegm in Moss. We used a gopro action camera mounted on a tube on the opposite side of the river. It took ten days for Phlegm to finish this 25x25 meter work.

Heterocetera released on Tri Angle Records.

Ich glaube, hier habe ich Michael Beckett (Tuesday Weld, kpt.michi.gan) kennengelernt. Haben nicht auch GUT mitgespielt? Keine Ahnung...

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Show-Off Cadavers - The Anatomy Of Self Display

1- Pneumo-diffusion Dysfunctions For Anatomo-pathological Abnormalities Of The Diffusing Membranes 01:14
2- Detailed Bypass Surgical Procedure (Whole Vena-cava Anastomosis) 01:39
3- An Undergo Post-mortem Exam (Brought Into The Autopsy Suite) 00:32
4-Gynaeccological Sickness (Pathologist Cover)00:120

Brazilian masters of Pathological Goregrind, formed in 1996. This is their second full-length album.
Released on November 2007 by Black Hole Productions

01. [00:00] Detailed Bypass Surgical Procedure (Whole Vena-cava Anastomosis)
02. [01:39] Creutzfeldt - Jakob Disease vs. Cadaveric Dura-mater Grafts
03. [03:01] Y
04. [05:14] Forensic Evidences - Detailed Entomological Calculations (Rear Maggots to Adulthood To Identify Species) A ??PMI Preview by Cadaveric Fauna Analysis
05. [08:12] Miscarriag

Lillie Dyanmite ft Phlegm- In the Cut
off of M.I.L.F Tapes Volume 2: Sleazy Does It.

Some great art in an amazing old building in Sheffield. This place was once a School.

Phlegm doing 2 paintings in Bantry. Music by Caoimhín O'Raghallaigh From his album "Where the one eyed man is king" "Síochain". see for more music and info. This is all thanks to Conor Mahon Made possible by WCDP Bantry Film by Colm Rooney

Один из ужаснейших дoкументальных фильмoв. Вoт oна вся правда нашегo, русскoгo, сoветскoгo, а теперь и рoссийскoгo пития!
В фильме приведены интересные данные и сведения oб упoтребления алкoгoля. Развенчивается миф o тoм, чтo русские всегда пили спиртнoе.

Инфoрмацию пoданную в фильме не пoказывают пo телевизoру, ведь прибыль oт алкoгoля oгрoмна и распрoстранению спиртных напиткoв спoсoбствуют влиятельные кoмпании. Нo пoследствия oт упoтребления хмельных напиткoв намнoгo разoрительнее, чем прибыль oт их прoдажи. Нo на этo закрывают глаза и умалчивают.

Всем сoветую пoсмoтреть данный фильм, мoжет ктo-тo задумается и oткажется oт упoтребления алкoгoльных напиткoв. Тем бoлее, сам фильм не oчень длинный - oкoлo сoрoка минут!

Фильм собрал более 1200000 просмотров на Ютубе -

Disgorgement of Intestinal Lymphatic Suppuration / Phlegm Thrower Split

It's that time of the year again! We celebrate Christmas this time by playing the Capcom classic, Onimusha Warlords!
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Check out this new Hannibal King produced track from Dillon McCluskey featuring TrapKingKai, Phlegm and Smurphy from his new EP "The World Is Yours...

Maggot infested goregrind from Seattle, WA!
Song originally by German deathgrind legends Ulcerous Phlegm.

Prod. MFK , the screwboss

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Dotz X Baileys Brown | Bath Full Of Phlegm [Music Video]: SBTV
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Dotz releases the tight visuals for 'Bath Full Of Phlegm' produced by Baileys Brown & taken from Bailey's forthcoming release 'Killing Space' which is set for release Feb 20th on Crudely Cut Records.
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Graffiti video

Chaos Orchestra - Lobotomized Ventricular Exostosis Suppuration Pestilence Phlegm Pus Eruption Of The Lymphatic Putrefaction Maggot Stuffed Cunt Sodomia

Lymphatic Phlegm / Pankreatite Necro Hemorrágica Split 7" (2012)

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Originally "Ya Mokrotoy Podavilsya" (я мокротой подавился - так смешно?). I have no idea when i recorded this shit. Maybe 2010. Vocals was recorded by Trombovoz in "Gazprom" pipes at october 2012.

From their split 7" w/ Gonkulator (Fudgeworthy, 2001).

Written and produced by Soulwax. Taken from the album Belgica (Original Soundtrack By Soulwax). Released 26th February. Pre-order from iTunes and get tracks instantly:


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Уличный художник Phlegm получил заказ на оформление окон галереи Millenium в Шеффилде (Англия).
На видео - процесс создания предварительного рисунка.

Простите, что я разнылась... Просто мне правда плохо.

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The Autobiography of Jane Eyre is a web series based on "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte.

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Jane Eyre: Alysson Hall

Makeup, Costume and Set Design: Jessica Wong
Executive Producer: Erika

Phlegm 2013 Reunion Show recorded at:

Pete Theroux Memorial FEST

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fete Music
103 Dike Street, Providence, Rhode Island 02909

Donations at the door; minimum $10
this event is to be held in honor of our dearest friend, brother, husband, father, son. A true supporter of the live music scene, both local and national, who really did care about taking care of the artists that played as if it was his own family. in many cases... they kinda were!! All procee

In a tiny little shed, in the middle of the night, Phlegm etches out his latest limited edition print using traditional techniques. An edition of 100 prints will be available Soon. Download M.I.L.F Tapes Volume 1: Phlegm N' Her

Draussen war ein wunderschöner Sommerabend bei knapp 30 Grad und wir waren in dieser blöden Halle. Kult: mit Belching Beet Gastauftritt beim noisigen Abschluss des Sets! Und hier habe ich auch Markus A. von der Fleischkralle kennengelernt :)

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