Pinkie Guy x ismbof - Give Me Eyes to See (Feat VOCALS from Solrac)

A DERPY DINKY SONG?!?! HOLY LICKING WAT! hi, again...just another collaborated song that's been worked on for over a couple months due to file corruption and computer transfers. I gave up trying to mix this after the project file started freezing up every time I opened it. Well, here you guys go!

Pinkie Guy -- lead vocals both clean and unclean, bass guitar (
Solrac -- additional vocals, claps (
Ismbof -- did other stuffs, sucky mixing job (not this douche again)

I thank Pinkie Guy so much for providing vocals and his deep ass bass guitar skillz! (btw, sorry for taking 5 months to release this, bro) xD I also thank Solrac/Yaplap, with his graceful vocal ways, for helping out with vocals for the second verse, as well as some clapping! HARK!

[I take] Every insult they throw my way
[I feel] the bitter sting of their words
[I sway] Under the pressur