PinkiePieSwear - Flutterwonder

PinkiePieSwear - Flutterwonder

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

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"nenhuma violação de direitos autorais é intencional"

Copyrights go to PinkiePieSwear!
Fixed that there isnt any white screen anymore :(
1080p HD FTW!

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Well today I discovered "Pony Music"
And Heard this track here -
I was stunning, It was amazinig
So basicly heres what I done with it
Ive just layered some of my own samples and stuff over the top
But you can still

12/28 EDIT: OMGOMG!!! Derpy Hooves Studio found this! Check it out - it's the second video down!

12/29 EDIT: AWW, YEAH - EqD found it, too! thanks you guys!

Well, i suppose i'll make my fabulous debut with this track, which is a remix of PinkiePieSwear's Flutterwonder, which can be found here:

other meritable mentions are TaisiKP and Underpony, whose own versions (linked with the annotations) influenced me to make my own. it is a beautiful song.

this, as my first song, is dedicated to the MLR community, who had welcomed me with open arms.

320kbps download is available here - it's better quality than soundcloud, and there's no d/l limit:

BUT, by all means, follow my soundcloud, and receiv



BMA Deleted Music Collection:

Original Song: So Many Wonders -

To everyone requesting lyrics for the song: There are no lyrics. What she is "saying" is totally up for interpretation. Feel free to post your own version of what you think she's saying!

I ripped vocals out of So Many Wonders and HOLY CRAP Fluttershy's voice is pretty! <br/><br/>

PinkiePieSwear is a fantastic musician and a very nice guy, he's helped me out here and there and I have always loved his music. For all of that help, have an orchestral remix of the fan-favorite Flutterwonder (Even if I still think Sunshine and Celery Stalks is better, Applejack for the win). I originally arranged this piece about 4 days prior to uploading so I could get some feedback, I then would write what would eventually become the Ovation of the Night. Now that that project was taken care of, I neede

It's a Remix of a Remix of a Remix!
Download Here:

Basically, I was inspired by UnderpΩny's piano part in his version of the song and I love PPS's original, which is based off of Daniel Ingram's "So Many Wonders".

UnderpΩny -
PinkiePieSwear -
Daniel Ingram's Original -

I do hope you enjoy it! I know I enjoyed making it! I'm especially proud of the 3rd, transitional, and final stanzas of the song. I remixed the audio I had to create new verses. I do hope you enjoy those deviations from the norm!

The audio in this video was remixed.... again. Hahaha. Yes, "Remixception" once more. Either way, The mediafire

[This song utilizes the artist's master track stems for an authentic Rock Band gameplay experience.]

Download for RB3:
Download for FoF:

Intro animation by Mr. Abronymous:

yay! \;D/
easy and fun map - :3


*** READ INFO ***

Original song "Flutterwonder" by PinkiePieSwear
Remixed by Sterrezo & Flyghtning
Produced by Flyghtning
Graphics from MLP:FiM (c) respective authors

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My EP "Hardstyle Ponys":


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Game - Osu!
Map - PinkiePieSwear - Flutterwonder

PinkiePieSwear - "Flutterwonder" :
Daniel Ingram - "So Many Wonders" :


Download :
Download (no vocals) :

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Read description, please!

(Link to HQ MP3 download below)

I always wanted to dance to FlutterWonder and put it in my DJ sets, but it wasn't dancefloor friendly enough.

A Thing,I MADE A THING .3.
Made a remix cause I love this song and PinkiePieSwear Music Style c:
Remixed with some similar samples and vocal chops. It was hard to do the vocals in particular but eh I did it ;v;.
Edit: 2 Days of getting in EQD ;v; :