Playing with Gravity

Move Your Ass

These riders are having fun in a location with beautiful views very nice jumps and corners to be taken up. The title Playing with Gravity there is everything! Look how fun!

A short clip about the beauty of kitesurfing. Some oldskool big airs combined with some nice strapless moves on a surfboard like:
- Backloop
- Airwalk Backloop
- Airflip Transition
- Air Transition
We used the Flysurfer Speed 3's for the long Hangtime ;)
The beautiful location is Beauduc/Southfrance.
The video was shoot on a
- Nikon D7000.
SlowMo's are made with twixtor.
Super Jam - Secret Weappon (dj woodo remix)


This is my style on the barz! Parkour mixed with bar freestyle, i call it Barcore!!! these are some clips of me through out 2013... i want you all to know that anyone can do all of this and more, im on a mission to teach the world how to move and use your own body... the body is a very powerful tool, learn to use it and gain all the benefits from it... email me if your interested in training,

Vertical motion

In this part we get our fortune told by a girl named Aki and her freaky puppet called Pandora. Then find some old man down a pipe...hmm. Sounds like a normal day. Hope you enjoy the episode. Peace

Half life gravity gun fun playing ball with dog . This is the chapter where you first get the gravity gun. Half life gravity gun is also used on other games like sourceforts .