Pokke Herrie 2012 Trailer

Pokke Herrie Official Trailer - 20.10.2012 Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen | Website: http://www.alex-events.net/

Hardcore, Frenchcore, Terror Speedcore with more than 30 Artists on 3 Areas !

Area 1: Pokke Herrie (Main)

Tommyknocker (Traxtorm Rec./IT)
Tha Playah (Neophyte Rec/NL)
Live: Masters of Noise vs. Thorax (Important Hardcore/Ger)
Partyraiser (Megarave Rec./NL)
Day-mar (Masters of Hardcore/NL)
Live: Tensor Re-direction (Important Hardcore/Ger)
Nosferatu (Enzyme rec./NL)
Evil Activities (Neophyte Rec/NL)
The Beat Controller (Confusion Events/NL)
Live: Noisekick (Noi