Polymer Clay Cane - No Background - Reducing Technique by Idit Zoota and Yonat Dascalu

Visit http://www.polyclayplay.com/FreeCD.htm for access to part 2 of this great video and information about a free Cane Video CD. In the video here, Yonat will demonstrate that, by lining a cane with a thin sheet of water soluble clay before packing it, you can easily remove the packing after you reduce the cane, leaving a shaped cane with no background to worry about.
When you pack a cane with translucent clay, if you slice it thinly, the background will seem to disappear, showing only the flower on the object you add it to. The trouble is, it is hard to slice that thinly. This problem is solved using this fun new technique idea by Idit Zoota!
You can download and print the companion PDF tutorial at