Portrait of an Artist

Mick Moss performing Antimatters Song " A Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist" live in Helmond, NL on September 30th, 2011. All rights by Antimatter www.antimatteronline.com

Rare item from Lethal.. He was around 14 years old when he did this.. With Red Ninja on the back.. Got a few for sale so let me know if you're interested ;)


A short portrait of Emil Alzamora, an artist living in Beacon, NY. This is a small part of a larger on-going project - personal portraits of artists. The film will show artists in their studios working on their pieces and talking about their philosophy on art and life and whatever else they want. See more of Emil's work - including the finished piece 'Swarm' - at: http://emilalzamora.com Hear more music by Cormac Gartland at: https://soundcloud.com/cormac-gartland Produced by super9films.

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Filmed, edited & produced by Kirsten Rincon

Special thanks to:
Cesar Santos
Moses Shumow
Matthew Manness
Olivier Waltman
Nick Korniloff
Art Miami

The 1987 documentary narrated by Melvyn Bragg.

Extract from 9 minute installation

A look at the ceramic artwork of Flora Art Studio and her creative process.

(C 2005 )Interscope / Aftermath / G-Unit Films. / Paramount Pictures
Enjoy Yo

Москва, клуб "План Б", 19.04.2013

A film short film by Rupert Ward-Lewis made in 2013, voice by Olivia Colman. This was the year we discovered Iris's love for painting, a key into her world.

The Chinese artist visits the U.S. for the first time to exhibit his works blending eastern and western art into masterpieces.

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directed by Francoise Etchegaray

starring Philippe Garrel

produced by Thierry Garrel Jean-Jacques Henry
executive produced by Xavier Carniaux Elisabeth Marliangeas
cinematography by Thierry Faure Sabine Lancelin
edited by Christiane Lack

Documentary on the life and times of the last century's most famous portrait painter Pietro Annigoni. This award-winning critically acclaimed movie traces Annigoni from his artistic birth in Florence, to the height of his fame and fortune. Annigoni pursued his own path, standing seemingly alone at the time against the forces of modernism in art.

Annigoni was a bohemian, a drinker, a fighter and a womanizer, yet the world's most powerful and celebrated people sought him out for portraits. Pietro Annigoni w

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All Music and Words by Mick Moss

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BBC1 Portrait of an Artist - Gillian Ayres 20110821 0132

An inside look into Xavius (@thexavius), arguably the most influential Instagram artist in the world.

Miles Gray (@milesofgray) - Xavius
Alissa Dean Ceraulo (@alissa_dean) - Jillian, the client
Michael Galeota (@mikegmightbe) - Dr. Meat, the client
Hunter Stiebel (@FreshHubby) - Blorph, the client
Nick Clark (@thatboyluther) - Walter
Lyndsey Doolen (@eatmysnarl) - Seth

Written by: Miles Gray
Edited by: Taichi Erskine
Co-Directed by Miles Gray

Meet Patrick Call, surrealist, painter, artist.
Song featured in this episode by Denver local Andy Immerman "Hoodwin...

Кендіс Брайтц «Портрет Художника», Київ 2011

148 українських митців, відібраних серед учасників проекту «Портрет художника, Київ», отримали у подарунок відео-портрети від південноафриканської художниці
Кендіс Брайтц. Всі вони раніше створили портрети Кендіс, які можна було побачити до 17 квітня в PinchukArtCentre в рамках виставки «Кендіс Брайтц: ТИ + Я».

Під час зйомок, що тривали протягом трьох днів в PinchukArtCentre, кожен з відібраних учасників повинен був відповісти на питання «Художник: хто це?»

This piece was produced, filmed, and edited by me, for an interview assignment in a video production class. The interviewee, Julian Zeff, is a tattoo artist and co-owner of The Dolorosa Tattoo Company in Studio City, California.

Equipment used:

Canon 5D Mark II
RØDE VideoMic
EF 85mm f/1.8
EF 50mm f/1.8
EF 17-40mm f/4L
EF 70-200mm f/4L

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Trey has got to be the most ridiculously awesome artist and painter that I've ever photographed. (no seriously you guys) I got to hang with this kid in his amazingly sweet studio for five days to shoot this short. Overall it was a super awesome, super creatively fulfilling time all around and I'm super happy with how this video turned out.

Laura is an artist who loves to draw. This is a mini documentary shortfilm about her background. Directed, filmed/edited and post proded by Kendy Ty Audio : Rode videomic Pro Canon 550d, Sigma 30mm f1.4, Gorilla grain 35mm PS : Don't hesitate to download the original file for a better and more cinematographic quality, or watch it in Fullscreen.

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Toshiko Takaezu (1922-2011) lived most of her life in rural New Jersey, where she made pots, gardened, and taught ceramics at nearby Princeton University. But she was born in Hawaii to Japanese parents, and the landscapes and traditions of the world she grew up in had a profound influence on her art. In the early 1990s, producer Susan Wallner spent time talking to Toshiko about her life and work. They travelled to Hawaii to see the "devastation forest" and the sunrise at Haleakala. The film includes some of

George Large hated school and left when he was fifteen, his only qualification being a precocious distinction in A-Level Art. A short spell in the display department at Simpsons of Piccadilly was followed by a place at Hornsey College of Arts and Crafts.

Large, now in his sixties, is rarely without his sketchbook. We follow him through the boatyards at Felixstowe and cannot but share his childlike enthusiasm and sense of wonder at what he sees - a myriad of shapes and colours
and textures, all there for hi

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A film by Rupert Ward-lewis Voice by Olivia Colman

Meet Akiane Kramarik - the art Wunderkind who wowed Oprah, now she calls Australia home.

Studio 10 | 8:30am on TEN

Heifetz answers questions by a group of college students and performs Mendelssohn's 'SWEET REMEMBRANCE,' Brahms' 'SCHERZO' and 'HUNGARIAN DANCE NO. 7,' Gluck's 'MELODY,' Prokofieff's 'MARCH,' Wieniawski's 'POLONAISE' and Dinicu's 'HORA STACCATO.'.

We digitized and uploaded this film from the A/V Geeks archive. Email us at footage@avgeeks.com if you have questions about the footage and are interested in using it in your project.

ANTIMATTER. Впервые в Москве!
19 апреля 2013 г
Клуб "Plan B"

Официальная встреча: https://vk.com/antimattermsk2013
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