Pur Pur - Once upon a time

режиссер Obraz
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Pur᎓Pur - Once Upon A Time 「Official Music Video」

Режиссер Obraz.
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Once upon a time
Some stranger came to me and said
That I didn't have to be afraid
Of open loving heart.
Once upon a time
I felt there had to be someone
With brown eyes and gentle smile
With pure loving heart.

And he would treat me very right
And hold me when my soul is cold
He'll always be right by my side
He'll never let me go.

Once upon a time
Some stranger said to me one thing
And I believed, cause everything
He said was pure truth.
Once in a blue moon
My heart bloomed up with light and care
Cause I k

Реж. - Obraz

Настроение - самое что ни на есть летне-киевское :)

Music:Pur:Pur - Once Upon a Time

"...Once in a blue moon
People get their chance to feel
Some real, sincere and genuine
Warmth in their hearts."


Ещё одни талантливые ребята из Харькова.
Многие уже окрестили их стиль как харьковский минимализм

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Directed by Obraz

Запись сделанная на концерте в клубе PodМосковье 7-го января 2009 года

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Pur:Pur on the TV!!!))

Live @ Villa Krokodila, Poltava (19.04.2012)
Качество снижено Контактом

Квартирник Pur:Pur на Павелецкой 3 марта 2012.
Pur:Pur - Once Upon A Time