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Update 8/26/2009 Lyrics with film dialouge added at very end.

Check out http://www.youtube.com/user/ANightAtTheOpera1 for some great queen videos.

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My first promo-video

Английская рок-группа Queen в студии «Anvil Studios» в процессе звукозаписи своей песни «Flash» из альбома «Flash Gordon» для фильма-космического комикса «Флэш Гордон» (Великобритания, 1980).

Hopefully, my final tribute to Filmation Studios' majestic vision on the Flash Gordon Universe.

Looking back at this cartoon I can't help but to think on how its many accomplishments far surpass any of the faults it may have. Truth is, you really should read Alex Raymond's original strips in order to appreciate how Filmation reinvented Flash Gordon's world while staying, at the same time, very true to the original feeling of the story.

Anyway, for some reason or another I was never satisfied with ea

Это саундтрек к фильму "Flash Gordon (1980)"

Music video by Queen performing Flash. (C) 1980 Queen Productions Ltd. under exclusive licence to Universal International Music BV

во мочат!!!

Queen - Flash

The official 'Flash' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 1'.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SING AND BE FREDDIE MERCURY...? Here are the Videos with the original Karaokes... Enjoy them!! :)

Смотри музыку на music.ivi.ru!

Flash a-ah
Savior of the Universe
He save everyone of us
He's a miracle
King of the impossible

Flash — песня английской рок-группы Queen с альбома «Flash Gordon» (альбомная версия песни называется «Flash’s Theme»). Написана Брайаном Мэем. Песня вышла в качестве сингла с композицией «Football Fight» на стороне «Б».
Песня, как и все композиции из альбома «Flash Gordon», была создана специально для фильма «Флэш Гордон». Альбомная версия песни («Flash’s Theme») фактически является началом этого фильма.

Тоже редкое видео

Queen's Flash with Machines samples.
MP3 + more: http://www.piotreqrmx.com/flash-remix.html
God Save The Queen remixes: http://www.piotreqrmx.com/god-save-the-queen.html

All rights belong to their respective owners. Created for fun and promotional use only. Buy the original tracks to support the artists.

Queen and Vanguard - Flash



Альбом «Flash Gordon» (1980)
Песня была создана специально для фильма «Флэш Гордон». Альбомная версия песни фактически является началом этого фильма. В неё включены диалоги из фильма и различные посторонние звуки. В версию сингла входят диалоги из разных частей фильма, а не только из начала.
Песня представляетс собой дуэт Мэя и Фредди Меркьюри. Иногда верхнюю вокальную партию исполнял Роджер Тейлор.

Queen VS Vanguard - Flash

From the original soundtrack of the movie "Flash Gordon"

Flash a-ah
Savior of the Universe
He save everyone of us
He's a miracle
King of the impossible

He's for everyone of us
Stand for everyone of us
He save with a mighty hand
Every man every woman
Every chill-he's a mighty

Video Clip Original de la cancion Flash interpretada por Queen...!

[produced by Dino De Laurentiis - 1980]

A music vid of one of the cheesiest movies ever. High camp meets sci-fi and results in Brian Blessed wearing hot pants and gold wings. Wonderful

Фильм тут --> http://fs.ua/view/i1LORPYuXE1M3UZTXlsAVW0?play&vfolder=171764

Flash a-ah
Savior of the Universe
He save everyone of us
He's a miracle
King of the impossible

He's for everyone of us
Stand for everyone of us
He save with a mighty hand
Every man every woman
Every chill-he's a mighty

Just a man
With a man's courage
Nothing but a man
But he can never fail
No-one but the pure at heart
May find the Golden Grail


Flash a-ah Savior of the Universe Flash a-ah He'll save every one of us (Seemingly there is no reason for these extraordinary intergalactical upsets) (Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha) (What's happening Flash?) (Only Doctor Hans Zarkhov, formerly at NASA, has provided any explanation) Flash a-ah He's a miracle (This morning's unprecedented solar eclipse is no cause for alarm) Flash a-ah King of the impossible He's for every one of us Stand for every one of us He save with a mighty hand Every man, every woman Every chil

Queen's theme to the film Flash Gordon. Excerpted from the film.

So you feel that you ain't nobody
Always needed to be somebody
Put your feet on the ground
Put your hand on your heart
Lift your head to the stars
And the world's for your taking

So you feel it's the end of the story
Find it all pretty satisfactory
Well I tell you my friend
This might seem like the end
But the continuation
Is yours for the making

Yes you're a hero!!

Queen -Flash Gordon- The Hero

Waiting for a worthy movie...

Hype Out 2013
Odessa Ukraine

Gail Kim vs Alissa Flash - TNA One Night Only: Queen of the Knockouts; Гейл Ким vs Алисса Флэш (эфир 06.09.2013); http://news.vsplanet.net/15697-tna-queen-of-the-knockouts/

TV Ad for Innocent smoothies - Queen - Flash
Song: Queen - Flash (Flash Gordon)

The official 'Flash' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 1'.

Music video by Queen performing Flash. (C) 1980 Queen Productions Ltd. under exclusive licence to Universal International Music BV

30 Seconds to Mars - Kings and Queens - Flash Show - London Soho Square May 30 2013

Flash / The Hero (Queen + Adam Lambert) live at Barcelona

Концерт в Москве, Наталья Поснова исполняет QUEEN

Акция #приумножаемлюбовьвовселенной футболки с надписью I love you . Чем больше Надписей мы увидим друг на друге, тем больше любви мы будем ощущать. (акция организована специально для детского дома, в помощь на ремонт столовой)

Жаль,что мы не увидели это)

June 30, 2012
Maidan Nezalezhnosti
Kiev, Ukraine

Set List:
1. "Flash (intro) Seven Seas of Rhye Keep Yourself Alive" - http://youtu.be/LJgBNIE-rVY
2. "We Will Rock You(fast)" - http://youtu.be/sn1kJiUhNTQ
3. "Fat Bottomed Girls" - http://youtu.be/pZN8m_jzD6Y
4. "Don't Stop Me Now" - http://youtu.be/DVoUSTqyBhY
5. "Under Pressure" - http://youtu.be/Br1YpqHjzmE
6. "I Want It All" - http://youtu.be/R2sAP67AVfg
7. "Who Wants to Live Forever" - http://youtu.be/3MJxaHhi314

Queen + Adam Lambert at Hammersmith Apollo, 12 July 2012
...Flash, Seven Seas of Rhye, Keep Yourself Alive
Playlist of the whole show = http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1509584430725C13

Everyone sings in the shower. If you don't then you're a dick. This is the first song in a new series called "Singing in the shower". I figure I'll mix it up with covers and originals. I'll take requests n stuff.

Let me know if you dig it and I'll keep it going.

I did the first one in black and white because the ladies love black and white.



Flash Mob dance - com a música Dancing Queen do ABBA - feita para avaliação de bimestre de Expressão Corporal do 1º ACN-2009 dos alunos de interpretação e direção da FAP - Professora Gisa.
O flash mob foi realizado na Praça Zacarias e um agradecimento especial para a farmácia Mourifarma
Concepção - Cristiano Nagel
Produção - Maite Schneider, Renata Cunali
Pela essencial ajuda no dia do evento - Juliana Liconti, Larissa Fischer, Diego Davoli, Pedro Nascimento, Agata, Douglas, Fernando
Coreografia: Mari

My mix of the Flash Gordon soundtrack titled 'Journey Of Flash'. Included on my Queen remix album 'Queen III' and available to download here:



0:00 Flash's Theme
3:23 In the Space Capsule (The Love Theme)
5:46 Ming's Theme (In the Court of Ming the Merciless)
8:57 The Ring (Hypnotic Seduction of Dale)
9:53 Football Fight
11:22 In the Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise)
12:40 Execution of Flash
13:48 The Kiss (Aura Resurrects Flash)
16:40 Arboria (Planet of the Tree Men)
18:21 Escape from the Swamp
20:00 Flash to the Rescue
22:48 Vultan's Theme (Attack of the Hawk Men)
24:01 Battle Theme
26:20 The Wedding March

Один из ужаснейших дoкументальных фильмoв. Вoт oна вся правда нашегo, русскoгo, сoветскoгo, а теперь и рoссийскoгo пития!
В фильме приведены интересные данные и сведения oб упoтребления алкoгoля. Развенчивается миф o тoм, чтo русские всегда пили спиртнoе.

Инфoрмацию пoданную в фильме не пoказывают пo телевизoру, ведь прибыль oт алкoгoля oгрoмна и распрoстранению спиртных напиткoв спoсoбствуют влиятельные кoмпании. Нo пoследствия oт упoтребления хмельных напиткoв намнoгo разoрительнее, чем прибыль oт их прoдажи. Нo на этo закрывают глаза и умалчивают.

Всем сoветую пoсмoтреть данный фильм, мoжет ктo-тo задумается и oткажется oт упoтребления алкoгoльных напиткoв. Тем бoлее, сам фильм не oчень длинный - oкoлo сoрoка минут!

Фильм собрал более 1200000 просмотров на Ютубе - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4dlhGd_gXo

Flash Mob at lunchtime at Queen Anne High School to promote the school musical, We Will Rock You.

"Flash" is a song by British rock group Queen. Written by guitarist Brian May, "Flash" is the theme song of the 1980 film Flash Gordon. The soundtrack released to coincide with the film contained only the music composed and performed by Queen.

There are two versions of the song. The album version ("Flash's Theme") is in fact the start to the movie, with all the dialogue from the first scene. The single version features dialogue cut from various parts of the movie, most memorably, Brian Blessed's ch

Queen - Flash's Theme Reprise (Victory Celebrations) with lyrics

HUGE thanks goes to Sergio Alejandro for subtitling what the announcer Juan Alberto Badía is saying, as well as what the band says!

Hey everyone, in celebration of this concert's 35th Anniversary, I will be uploading the current best version by Chiefmouse! So a big thanks goes to him for colour correcting the footage and obscuring the QTV logo without ruining the video with a horrible blur! Visit his channel here! http://bit.ly/Chief_Mouse

one of a series of short clips (some quite funny) of the band Muse presenting a series of music videos that they like on the TV show Rage. Here they talk about Queen's "Flash".

Queen + Adam Lambert

Flash's theme - The Hero, Flash Gordon 1980

live in Padova (Piazzola Sul Brenta) 25 Giugno 2016


Ноты и табулатуры доступны: https://www.jellynote.com/sheet-music-tabs/queen/flash-to-the-rescue/504a0e91d2235a3ff94a9ce7#instr:piano Sheet music available on: https://www.jellynote.com/sheet-music-tabs/queen/flash-to-the-rescue/504a0e91d2235a3ff94a9ce7#instr:piano

Queen perform 'Flash' and 'The Hero' live. Taken from 'Queen On Fire: Live at the Bowl'.

Queen + Adam Lambert - Live at Georgi Asparuhov Stadium, Sofia, BG 23.06.2016

Intro + Flash's Theme + The Hero. I filmed six songs so perhaps I will upload the remaining five ones sooner or later. Sorry about the weak sound, I was standing at the side and the sound was significantly worse there.

Alternative promotional video for Flash<br/><br/>

Chris Levine recalls shooting a holographic portrait of Elizabeth II, requiring her to sit motionless for each eight-second take. 'In between shots she'd shut her eyes. It was just a moment, and I hit the shutter on that'

Queen + Adam Lambert, Flash, Live in Barcelona, opening show (23 May 2016)

Inspired by Tub Ring's take on Queen's 'Flash', the one and only mad creator himself, Gris Grimly, lays paint to a blank slate. The end result...you'll have to wait and see!

Flash - Ah - Saviour of the universe
Flash - Ah - He'll save ev'ry one of us
Seemingly there is no reason for these
Extraordinary intergalactical upsets (ha ha ha)
What's happening Flash?
Only Dr Hans Zarkov formerly at N A S A
Has provided any explanation
Flash - Ah - He's a miracle
This mornings unprecedented solar eclipse
Is no cause for alarm
Flash - Ah - King of the impossible
He's for ev'ry one of us
Stand for ev'ry one of us

Here is the final "re-upload" of the Japan 1981 concerts. The original source was in excellent quality--but the mix wasn't nearly as good as the source I'm currently featuring. This recording comes from the legendary "Mr. Peach" (a taper who was taped hundreds of Japanese shows in the 70's and 80's--in excellent quality). To add to the mix, this concert was also remastered by a Queenzone member named "Stark." He normalized the volume, made cleaner edits, and smoothed the EQ. This is without a doubt, one of

История и дискография группы "Queen". Скачать клип в лучшем качестве бесплатно - http://popretrovideo.blogspot.ru/2013/10/queen.html

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http://vk.com/amvlist - Все классные AMV в одном месте! ^_^


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Рiano Н. Поснова QUEEN Flash Gordon

VSPLANET.NET: Гейл Ким vs Алисса Флэш (эфир 06.09.2013);

The Flash First Look "Don't Blink" Oliver Queen & Barry Allen! AMAZING
The Flash First Look "Don't Blink"
The Flash First Look
The Flash First Trailer
The Flash Trailer Oliver Queen & Barry Allen
The Flash First Trailer Series
The Flash Don't Blink
The Flash and Arrow
The Flash Amazing
The Flash series cw
The Flash Oliver Queen and Barry Allen
The Flash Preview


The Flash First Look "Don't Blink" Oliver Queen &

Mario: Queen of the Circus and the Wau Wau Sisters performing in La Clique at the Roundhouse in London a short number called Flash

As part of Absolute Radio's Queen season, here's a clip of Brian May speaking about the Flash Gordon soundtrack. Find out more info about the season, and an exclusive Queen documentary, at absoluteradio.co.uk/queen

A flash mob performed by Mad Dance House Brisbane dancers in the Brisbane Queen Street Mall on 28 October 2011, to promote Broadway on the Mall.

made bye Korean Artisit "oculus"

(this animation's sub got 2 lauguages
English and Korean)

from site : http://www.dcinside.com/
oculus's blog : http://gallog.dcinside.com/theoculus

Queen + Adam Lambert
03.07.12 Russia, Moscow

Seven Seas Of Rhye,
Keep Yourself Alive

TV commercial for 02
Music: Queen - Flash's Theme (Flash Gordon)

The video is taken from the Caracas concert and the audio is an edited version from Montreal '81.


Zwiastun zapowiadający sylwestrową noc w klubie WODA we Wrocławiu

The Pussycat Dolls - Tainted love

Flash Tape/The Hero-Queen + Adam Lambert no RockinRio Lisboa 2016
30 anos de uma produção de eventos de sucesso, o RockinRio celebra seus trinta anos em Lisboa,tendo entre várias bandas, uma das melhores bandas pop/rock mundial, a banda Queen.