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Quest Crew – это как Jabbawockeez, только Quest Crew.

Quest Crew_World of Dance

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Quest Crew - ABDC - Week 7 - Performance 1_(720p).mp4

Best Choreography - лучшая хореография мира!

зал просто пищал от восторга, танец который был признан одним из самых лучших в мире.

Brand new Music by WOD Session THREE album out now!

Discover dance music on our new channel Music by WOD!


Discover dance music on our new channel Music by WOD!

Song List:
1) Sweet Child O’ Mine - Guns N’ Roses
2) Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore
3) Shots - Lil’ Jon
4) Livin’ On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
5) WHO - Tujamo https://goo.

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он же говорил это со слезами на глазах
я чуть не расплакалась

I'd let D-Trix host my show

Ссылка на скачивание:

Победитель шоу American Best Dance Crew - группа Quest Crew

THE 8 COUNT CREW. Dance Centre Myway. Kiev, Ukraine.
Directed by Denis Stulnikov.
Dancers: Denis Stulnikov, Santi 108, Andrey Sidorko, Sasha Putilov, Maxim Kovtun, Ira Vlasova, Julia Henry, Varvara Khlebnikova.
Camera & Edit: Anton Popov.
Music: Quest Pistols Show - Провокация.

Directed by Denis Stulnikov.
Director of photography: Anton Popov.
Performed by The 8 Count Crew.

choreography by Denis Stulnikov
filmed & edited Anton Popov
Вчера на фестивале #feelthebeat #udna2015▼ получили статуэтку в номинации #starmove на композицию #questpistolsshow провокация.
Спасибо Денису Стульникову и команде #the8countcrew за самоотдачу и профессионализм.

Thank you for all the support throughout ABDC8!

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Танцы на ТНТ [Команда Мигеля]
Kaelynn “Kay Kay“ Harris [World Of Dance]
D-Trix, Pacman, Di Moon Zhang, Hok [Now Add A Dancer 3]
Poreotics [World Of Dance]
Adam Sevani [Step Up 5]
Les Twins [Yak Films]
Bboy Pocket [Best Powermoves]
AXYZM Movement Designers
Quest Crew [Hit The Floor]

Группа ТАНЕЦ - Многогранен:

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Казалось бы - в танцах уже все придумано.
Эти ребята показывают невероятный уровень!

Удивляем с гарантией, присоединяйтесь:

Нереальный синхрон


the others were inside at the time.

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Музыка: Caravan Palace - Suzy.

Видео группы

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* America's Best Dance Crew
* Season 03
* Episode 06 - Battle Of The Sexes Challenge


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Song: Forever By Chris Brown



Music video by Snoop Dogg performing I Wanna Rock (Explicit). (C) 2009 Capitol Records, LLC

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нравится) и песня классная))

1 выступление: Все чемпионы
2 выступление: Quest Crew
3 выступление: Jabbawockeez

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Quest is more then a dance crew. They're a family.

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они конечно придурки:D

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Они лучшие !!!

Showdown 3: The biggest hip-hop competition in Central California!
Location: Visalia, CA
Performers: Quest Crew


Bonus dance footage of Quest Crew in Honey 2!

Own Honey 2 on February 21, 2012 on Blu-ray and DVD

ваще анреал!!!

Estos tipos si que saben como baylar a un mismo tiempo...woOW!!! son otro rrollO_O!!

вот это ЧетКо))) обожаю Хока)))

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla

Track: LMFAO - Quest Crew Master Mix of Party Rock Anthem

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Happy throwback thursday !!!! I read in the comment section of Assorted Tripe 5 that you guys liked the rehearsal footage . So I put together a video that shows what it's like when we make our actual shows . WARNING . This is not a dramatization . Our rehearsals are really this stupid . Love, RYANIMAY a.k.a. the king of Final Fantasy Tactics (not Jolee) (or Steve)

America's Best Dance Crew Quest Crew week 7

Школа танца Danger Electro
г. Пермь направление Jazz Funk
запись в группы по тел. 246-999-6

Sorry for shaking it a lot, recorded for long time and my hand started to hurt. Enjoy! :)

трек зачотный

Live at Fonda Theatre

Thanks to Quest Crew :

A film by Bertrand VACARISAS- MAÏTO PROD -

North American Tour 2013 :

7/18 Lake Tahoe, CA @ Wanderlust
7/19 Lake Tahoe, CA @ Wanderlust
7/21 San Francisco, CA @ Bimbo's
7/23 Portland, OR @ Star Theater
7/24 Seattle, WA @ Neumo'e
7/25 Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw
7/27 Calgary, ALB @ Calgary Folk Festival
7/30 Edmonton, ALB @ Pawn Shop
8/1 Whistler, BC @ Wanderlust
8/2 Whistler,

This is another song from our upcoming LP Out of the blackness. The LP is expected to be available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify, Musicload, ... on the 13th of December.

For more information about the band visit

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Aichi Ono Japanese TV CM....

Welcome to SpinboyAichi TV!

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Master Mixes:
1.) Hero ft. Keri Hilson - Nas
2.) Let it Rock ft. Lil Wayne - Kevin Rudolf
3.) Toxic - Britney Spears
4.) You Got It (The Right Stuff) - New Kids on the Block
5.) Got Money ft. T-Pain - Lil Wayne
6.) Forever - Chris Brown
7.) I.) Hip-Hop Decathlon: a.) Poker Face - Lady Gaga b.) Love Lockdown - Kanye West c.) I'm In Miami B*tch - LMFAO d.) Closer - Ne-Yo e.) Get Up - 50 Cent II.) OrQUESTra - District 78
8.) [With Beat Freaks] Beggin' - Madcon, [Final] On Top of the World - T.I.

Quest Pistols Show - Провокация - THE 8 COUNT CREW - Dance Centre Myway

Thank you for all your support throughout ABDC: Road to the VMAs! We couldn't have won without you!

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Dance Cast:
Nurse: Renee Kester

Pregnant lady and Male Nurse Performed and Choreographed by:
Megan Lawson
Dmoe Gomez

Crazy Pati

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Not bad for a day of practice :D

Watch QUEST CREW go head to head against the champions from the past seasons of America's Best Dance Crew!! on MTV every Wednesday 11pm/10pm C.

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