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French Open West Coast Swing 2014
FOWCS 2014
Advanced JnJ
Lena Rummel & Miguel Ortega

See you next year at the French Open
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May 14th-17th 2015

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II° Seminario internazionale "Le trasformazioni del V secolo. L'Italia, i barbari e l'Occidente romano", Fortezza di Poggio Imperiale, Poggibonsi (SI), 18-20 ottobre 2007

Sezione 2 - I barbari in Italia e nelle province
L'archeologia dei barbari in Africa - Philip von Rummel (Universitat Freiburg)

Elektryczne urządzenie do załadunku uli firmy Rummel.
(zasilanie 12V, ramię 3,7m, udźwig 100 kg, obsługa 1-os.)

tel. 607 083 228

Montaż na przyczepce (laweta) do przewozu uli;
Szybkie przygotowanie do użycia;
Szybkie składanie;
Sterowanie bez kabli;
Zasilanie elektryczne z niezależnego akumulatora;
Brak hydrauliki siłowej;
Zabezpieczenie przed zsunięciem się ula z uchwytu;
Udźwig roboczy około 100 kg;
Możliwość łatwego zdemontowania poza okre


Music: Doctor P - Big Boss (Doctrine Remix)

Episode 3 of row2k Media's behind the scenes web series with U.S.A. Men's National Team. Winter Training with Henrik Rummel

1st Track ... Ultrakurzwelle - Swinging Chopstick
2nd Track ... Ultrakurzwelle - Les Garcons

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David Popper High School of Cello Playing Op.73 Etudes Nos.21-40
Martin Rummel Violoncello

A time-lapse photography film shot at the biggest (1,3 million visitors) spring funfair in europe called Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest. The pictures were captured during 3 weeks at the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart (Germany). The DSLR Canon 5D Mark II photographed over 200.000 shots (over 3TB RAW files) always at an interval of one second. The time lapse effect was created by stringing together the single photos to video sequences. Film by Christoph Kalck Marcel Hampel Music and Sounddesign by Sebastian Bartmann ( Titledesign by Frank Rosenkränzer Produced at the Stuttgart Media University ( in the study course Audiovisual Media from April till June 2011. E-Mail: Facebook: Flickr: 500px: We strongly recommend to watch the film in HD! ****** Ein Zeitrafferfilm der auf Europas größtem (1,3 Millionen Be

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Много интересных опросов, фото, видео!

18-year-old Jacob Rummell has his pick of coaches after delivering his version of "Count on Me" in his blind audition.
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Dave Mateo brings you his latest edit showcasing his unique style, flow, and creativity with the Royal Rummel 70/30 Kendama.

These kendama play amazing and are available at:

Cory Rummell really stepped up the game with his massive back flip at Michigan mud jam! Unbelievable! This man is fearless!

Spent a cold Sunday with a whole gang of New England woods riders in the Massachusetts sand.

Hunter Neuwirth, Kyle Hangos, Ben Kelley, Josh Toth, Zack Toth, Damon Rummel, Justin Sokol, Nate Smith, Ryan Winston, Anthony Federico, Matt Federico, Matt Conley, Big Sean, Nick Desmond.

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