Rammstein - Echo Awards 2012

Rammstein Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People | Actuación en directo en los "ECHO Awads"
Registrado el 22 de Marzo del 2012 en Berlin - Alemania.

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Rammstein Marilyn Manson playing Beautiful People in ECHO Awards 2012. March 22, 2012

Rammstein With Marilyn Manson-Beautiful People live "Echo Awards 2012" 22.3.2012
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22/03/2012 - Echo Awards 2012 - ARD
Rock / Alternative National
Erfolgreichster nationaler act im Ausland

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Лайв видео с выступления группы Rammstein и Marilyn'а Manson'а на церемонии вручения наград ECHO. " The Beautiful People".

HD-Recording of the live broadcast on TV station Das Erste from the ECHO Awards in Berlin on March 22, 2012

RAMMSTEIN perform with MARILYN MANSON his song THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE live at this year's Echo Award show!
"The Beautiful People" was originally released as a single from the Manson album „Antichrist Superstar" in 1996.
Rammstein feat Marilyn Manson - The beautiful People
Rammstein won two awards in the categories „Best Rock/Alternative national" and „Most successful national Act abroad" in yesterday´s Echo Award Show!

Marilyn Manson handed over the Echo for „Best Rock/Alternative national" and performe

Rammstein Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People ECHO Awards 2012

Live recording from the Show!!

In Televison was not Live.. it was pre-recorded at 20 pm before the show starts.. so the crowd was very lame.. because we thought it was only a soundcheck and no pre-recording for the show..

Losless download here: http://www.slingfile.com/file/s0ybVeNtI0

RAMMSTEIN interpretando con MARILYN MANSON la canción THE BEATIFUL PEOPLE en vivo en lo Echo Award 2012.

RAMMSTEIN will perform with MARILYN MANSON the song THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE live at this Echo Award 2012

Обалденное сочетаньице: Раммштайн и Мэрлин Мэнсон

RAMMSTEIN will perform with MARILYN MANSON his song THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE live at this year's Echo Award show!

Copyright Rammstein 2012

Copyright Marilyn Manson 2012

Echo 2012:
-Rammstein get 2 from 3 award's.
-Marilyn Manson sing with Rammstein - "The Beautiful People"

2012-03-22 ECHO Award 2012
Richard Kruspe, Christian "Flake" Lorenz


RAMMSTEIN feat. Marilyn Manson
"The Beautiful People" /
ECHO Awards 2012

there is only 2:37 min . trial version expired .

2012-03-22 ECHO Award 2012
Paul Landers, Christoph "Doom" Schneider