Rammstein Sonne (cover) - Children Medieval Band

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Дети на утреннике играют Рамштайн!

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Children Medieval Band:
Stefan (10) - vocal, guitar, violin
Olga (8) - keyboard
Cornelia (5) - drum, harp

The children improved their musicianship by using the EarPower software from http://www.earpower.com

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Rammstein Sonne (cover) - Children Medieval Band

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The Rammstein team had this video posted on the R+ site: http://www.rammstein.de/en/news/there-is-a-future-for-rockn-roll/.
On May 20th 2012 the kids opened up for the Rammstein concert at Denver Coliseum, Colorado, and played this song (after Ich Will) in front of a great audience of 10,000 people. Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JxRmlQKNgk

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