Redman- Can't Wait

Name: Redman - Can't Wait

Album: Dare Iz A Darkside

Year: 1994

Label: Rush Associated Labels


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American Rap & Hip-Hop

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Music Video from the classic album Dare Iz A Darkside

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From 1994 Album: "Dare Iz A Darkside".....

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Album "Dare Iz A Darkside" 1994

Reggie Noble better known by his stage name Redman, is an American rapper, DJ, record producer and actor. He came to fame in the early 1990s as an artist on the Def Jam label.

In 1990, Redman made his world debut on the EPMD album Business as Usual appearing on tracks "Hardcore" and "Brothers On My Jock". In 1992 Redman released his debut album, Whut? Thee Album, which Allmusic noted for blending "reggae and funk influences" with a "terse, though fluid rap style". The