Redman - Funkorama
только настоящий олд хапчик

Redman - Funkorama
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(Produced by Reggie Noble & Erick Sermon)
Method Man, Treach из Naughty by Nature Q-Tip, Erick Sermon, Keith Murray & Hurricane G. забавные ретро записи)))))))))


Insomnia:The Erick Sermon Compilation album

Redman - Funk From Hell (2010)

Download Redman's New Mixtape Album Here : Official Website

Rack Eterno & Dano
Si Falta Esencia (Over Redman - ''Funkorama Remix'')

02 - Redman - Funkorama
VV.AA - (1996) Insomnia - The Erick Sermon Compilation Album.

"Coming down the block man, loud as fuck
You would swear Redman was inside the trunk"

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Producer: Speechless (Afro Beatz)
Released: 2013
© Afro Beatz

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I decided to return to another old remix I wasn't that happy about. Once again, made in FL Studio.

L.O.D. - I Feel It 12'' Vinyl (1996)
Producer: Erick Sermon
Released: 1996
Label: Interscope Records

From Insomnia The Erick Sermon Compilation Album

Remix from "SWEETBEAT Two" 2015

music: Sweet Musiq
design: Sweet Musiq

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