Ricky Nelson - It's Late

Ricky Nelson - It's late 1959
Peak chart position # 9 in 1959

It's late (it's late)
We gotta get on home
It's late (it's late)
We've been gone too long
Too bad (too bad)
We shoulda checked our time
Can't phone (can't phone)
We done spent ev'ry dime
It's late (it's late)
We're 'bout to run outta gas
It's late (it's late)
We gotta get home fast
Can't speed (can't speed)
We're in a slow-down zone
Baby, look at that clock, why can't it be wrong?

If we coulda left home at a quarter to nine
Woulda had fun and plenty of time
We got started just a little bit late
Hope this won't be our last date

Look up (look up)
Is that the moon we see?
Can't be (can't be)
Looks like the sun to me
It's late (it's late)
I hate to face your Dad
Too bad (too bad)
I know he's gonna be mad
It's late (it's late)
We gotta get on home

Rick Nelson was one of the very biggest of the '50s teen idols, so it took awhile for him to attain the same level of critical respectability as other early rock greats. Yet now the consensus is that he made some of the finest pop/rock recordings of his era. Sure, he had more promotional push than any other rock musician of the '50s; no, he wasn't the greatest singer; and yes, Elvis, Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins, and others rocked harder. But Nelson was extraordinarily consistent during the first five years o

Ricky Nelson - It´s Late - 1959

Mein TV-Tribute an Shakin' Stevens und Ricky Nelson. Ein Shaky Hit aus dem Jahre 1983. Geschrieben von Dorsey Burnette. Ein Original-Hit von Ricky Nelson 1959. In Großbritannien auch von Marty Wilde aufgenommen. Leider ist die Bild-u. Tonqualität nicht optimal. (Überspielung einer VHS-Kassette auf DVD).
PS: Suche Musiker für eine Rock'n'Roll Band im Raum Elmshorn!

My tribute to Shakin' Stevens and Ricky Nelson. Unfortunately not in a very good quality (re-recording from a video-tape). A hit record for Sh