Bridal Shoot in the historic Moundsville Penitentiary, where it's pitch black, only using Rotolight to light the shoot. You HAVE to watch this short, high energy video to see how it's done!

Follow along with this fast paced, high energy video that shows Jason Lanier shooting at the historic Moundsville State Penitentiary in West Virginia.

Footage shows Jason lighting the pitch black penitentiary up with just Rotolights and 1 assistant to hold the lights.

Jason shoots a bridal

Join award winning photographer Jason Lanier for his first shoot ever using the much anticipated Sony G Master 85mm f/1.4 lens. PLEASE THUMBS UP, SHARE, LEAVE A COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!

Jason was given the opportunity to borrow lenses from Sony prior to the lens being released to the public. He took the chance to go down to the pier in Oceanside, California at night to do a model shoot.

To really test the sharpness and accuracy of the lens Jason shot the entire shoot at f/1.4. Jason also used the Rotoli

Join award winning photographer and Rotolight Master of Light Jason Lanier at his workshop in Minnesota where he demonstrates how to use LED lighti...

I had the privalige of visiting with Rod Gammons, owner and CEO of Rotolight at Cinegear 2012. Gammons was good enough to give us a full demonstration of the Rotolight Anova system. The Rotolight Anova is a bi-color led floodlight with a 110 degree beam angle. It delivers 1000watt equivalent output and uses 93% less energy than a standard Tungsten bulb. Like all LEDs the ANOVA Rotolight has virtually no heat.

Join award winning photographer Jason Lanier for a shoot and tutorial on shooting stunning portraits using LED lighting and the Westcott Eyelighter! PLEASE THUMBS UP, SHARE, LEAVE A COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!

Jason had the opportunity to shoot the beautiful performer Nicole Weiss and used the opportunity to showcase how the Rotolight Anova Pro's can deliver stellar results.

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Join Rotolight Worldwide Ambassador and Sony Artisan of Imagery Jason Lanier for a pin up shoot with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop for the world's first recorded shoot with the amazing Rotolight Neo video lights. PLEASE THUMBS UP, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!

This shoot will show you all of the range that the Rotolight Neo's can do...from shooting during the magic hour into sunset, and then into the night for some truly breathtaking images.

Jason uses both the Sony A7 and A7s for the shoot using

Riick Macomber talks to Rotolight about their Neo on board camera lighting solution. The Neo is packed with industry first features, has a bi-colour output and is fully dim-able.

Sara interviews Rod from Rotolight and talks about the RL48 and the Rotolight Anova LED EcoFlood--first shown in North America at the Exposure show:

Rod from RotoLight gives us the run down on this portable light kit at NAB 2011.
More info @

Join award winning photographer Jason Lanier and his team for an unforgettable shoot in an abandoned mine in the hills of the Nevada desert! PLEASE THUMBS UP AND SUBSCRIBE.

Using the Rotolight Anova and off camera flash from the Interfit Pro Flash 180's, Jason takes a model into this cave and conducts a shoot that utilizes video lighting mixed with off camera flash. He even throws in some shots with his Nikon Speedlights using Pocket Wizards.

We truly hope you enjoy this shoot that even includes aerial

I had received some requests online asking to produce a video showing how I use the Rotolight Neo.
We shot with Youtuber Sam Fazz on the streets of Monroe, Georgia.
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Link to my edits from the shoot:

Join award winning photographer Jason Lanier as he does a swimsuit shoot in a swimming pool in Cancun Mexico using the Sony A7Rii with the Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 lens. PLEASE THUMBS UP, SHARE, LEAVE A COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!

To see the gallery of pics from this shoot please visit

Utilizing no underwater gear, Jason goes into the pool with the model at 6am in the morning to complete the shoot at sunrise. He used the Rotolight Neo to light the model (Aurora Luna) before the sun rose,

This video was taken in Jane Lew, West Virginia documenting a photo shoot by award winning photographer Jason Lanier. The theme was Little Red Riding Hood and a Masquerade type outfit. The shoot was done during the daytime and nighttime at an abandoned farm house and chicken coop.

This video shows Jason using off camera flash with his Flex TT5 Pocket Wizards with his Nikon D800 and his Nikon SB910 and SB800 speedlights during the day. At night Jason turned on the Rotoligh

The Rotolight Interview Kit offers up some superbly designed and made LED Lights. In this video I show you an individual light, complete kit and some accessories.

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