Rough House Survivors - Rough House

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Straight From The Soul (1992)

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In the Early 90's I produced and hosted my own music television program called What's Up TV. It ran in 21 cities and towns in Central New England. With about over 1 million weekly viewers it became one of the highest rated programs in the area. These are a collection of some of the music videos we ran in the show.

Video I directed back in the day. Produced by Paul Dokuchitz. I also shot it. Juan Gallardo did the graphics. Harlem didn't look as pretty as it does now. One of the shortest shoots I've ever had. We started at 8AM finished by 3PM. We were shut down by New York's finest who had enough by that point. They almost shut us down earlier when someone dropped something out of their pocket they weren't suppose to drop. The band wasn't happy and I had to coax them to stay. Relativity had their man at the s

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Bad Luck/ You Got It

Straight From the Soul(1992)
Writers-Rough House Survivors
Producer-Tony Dofat
Rough House Survivers are not a well-known group, but drop a mad heated album in 1992. I believe most of the members come from both the east and at least one from the west coast. Tony Dofat drops some serious beats that rival some of Premier's and Pete Rock's best beats. The production is basically classic bass infused boom bap with jazz breaks and horns with good drum and kick arrangements.These guys would only release a si