SESSIONS - Episode 1

In the first Pi Sessions, Pi TV provides you with an exclusive performance from singer/songwriter Sam Wills.

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We have always been dedicated to passing on our knowledge to you the angler, and DVDs give us a unique opportunity to put you on the bank with us, so you can see exactly how we do it!

All of our DVDs are information first and entertainment second. We see no value in you watching us drag in a load of carp from some giant French reservoir with little or no tips on how we did it. In total contrast, you will see there are large sections of all our films witho

La Piovra (Stagione 1) Session 1 - Episode 5
Language: Italian

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EL MATADOR - CHAUD BOUILLANT - Extrait de l'album estivale "SummerSession#1" disponible ici

This video goes through how to perform a complete setup on your bass guitar.

David Neale making a hiphop beat with a dash of a soulful flare.

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Happy Birthday CAN

Episode 1:

In this episode we explore the concepts of isolations. Isolation is the illusion of separation. It is not a style but it is a technique that is applied when dancing. In this case, Can is isolating his waves and also using the animation technique to aquire the "fake" look.

Songs: No Angels - Bastille

Set Sail - Dusky Hunters (

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After a successful and busy season the Nike snowboard team hit up Norway for a fun and relaxing season ending session. Traveling in traditional fishing boats the team arrived in beautiful Strandafjellet. Benefiting from the midnight sun in Norway and with almost no sleep the team got going on a 3AM shred mission to guinea pig the jumps. See how it all went in Episode 1 of the Nike Vapen Sessions.

April 1st, 2012 the Standard Hotel rooftop New Season premiere

All shot in one day - 16/12/12. A short edit of a Sunday spent in the Whistler and Blackcomb Parks and a little bit of powder at the beginning of the 2012-13 season. I will be putting more edits out showing our progress through various modules, working towards our finals and a dissertation film project next year in our really stressful masters' year in BC... Riders - JC, Drew, Evan, Tommy, Klaus. Filmed and edited by Rory Langdon-Down/Areldee Productions Song Pretty Lights - So Bright

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Here is my Modern Warfare 3 gameplay using Specialist killstreak reward and the first episode of "Rape Session" Series.
By the way, "Limitless" - A Black Ops PC Community Montage is coming out this week!


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La Piovra (Stagione 1) Session 1 - Episode 6
Language: Italian

Shredding Guangzhou, China with the Plan B crew - no tour stops, no signings, just finding spots in the streets including giant sculptures that look like they were made for skating. Then it's time for a good night sleep?

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Get a firsthand look into what goes through the minds of some of the world’s top snowboarders as they are filming for some of the most anticipated film projects of the year. To kick off the series, shred magician Scott Stevens, with a microphone along for the ride gives you a glimpse into his thought process while filming a single trick for his part the upcoming Union Binding Company team video. Video by Cole Taylor.

In this episode of Teton Gravity Research's web series Blast From The Past, we take a look at Sammy Carlson's badass segment from Re:Session. Sammy rips up everything in his path from the backcountry of Montana to the park at Stevens Pass.

TGR's Blast From The Past web series will take you back in time to revisit some of our favorite film segments from 15 years of action sports filmmaking. From shredding Alaska spines set to Metallica to surfing El Salvador's endless beaches, Blast From The Past is

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Предоставлено группой Гарри Стайлс

La Piovra (Stagione 1) Session 1 - Episode 1
Language: Italian

Time to head out for the Zumiez Couch Tour through Oregon and into Washington with the Plan B skate team. You get this many skaters together doing what they love, along with slingshots on a bus headed up the coast and you can bet it's going to be a good time.

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2013 Panik Records
Videographer/Editor: Sigalas Giannis

Την Κυριακή 13 Οκτωβρίου μια περίεργη δραστηριότητα σημειώθηκε στην περιοχή του Κεραμεικού στο Γκάζι...
Από νωρίς το απόγευ

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"Brooklyn Tracks" is an ongoing web series produced by StevenHeroProductions LLC and features artists we work with. Episode 1: platinum selling artist Dallas Green (City and Colour) stops by the studio to record some acoustic tracks and talks about music. Enjoy!
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La Piovra (Stagione 1) Session 1 - Episode 4
Language: Italian

Sander van Doorn always gets a lot of questions about his work in the studio and how to produce tracks. So he decided to start a new series of studio sessions! This first episode is all about the kick and bass line. Want to put to practice what Sander just explained? Download the parts of this episode for FREE here:

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