SKisM - Experts (Official Video)

Music video for Skism - Never Say Die Records, UK

The animation section was created by taking illustrations by Adam Relf, prepping them in Photoshop then animating and compositing in After Effects. I did the final compile in Adobe Premiere.

The process took six weeks from planning to completion.

The videos final destination is

Видео клип!!!:)

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Song: Experts
Artist: SkisM
Genre: Dubstep
Released: 2012

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Видео от группы . Самые лучший Dubstep только у нас! Подписывайся на канал,ставь лойс, и подпишись на паблик ВК! Спасибо!:)

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SKisM - Experts is available now on Never Say Die with a remix from xKore.

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