SPN Angels _ Illuminated

Взято: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6-xMti6yQ8J1w047vQ4oHQ

Сериал: Сверхъестественное.
Музыка: Hurts - Illuminated.

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I think this is the best video I've EVER made :') So yer i'm really proud of it :D

Made this about a week ago but thought i'll upload it now :)

It's a different style than what I normally use, but I think it looks cool and dark in the sense of the song.

'The light shall break through the darkness'

Thanks for watching
Hayley x

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» HD = your best friend :'D

» LOL, HELLO ILLUMINATED-BANDWAGON *jumps on* I kept hearing this song in videos until I realized yesterday.. HEY, SPN has a lot of LIGHT/illuminated pretty people! :D This focuses on the ANGELS, since they're.. "illuminated" all the time. xD THIS SONG IS SO ADDICTIVE. I'm obsessed with it. This is a little different than usual, I did nottt edit every beat :O Yep, died a little inside, but I actually like how this turned out. I loved working with the "light" in these scenes, th