SWYP: See What You Print

SWYP (See What You Print) radically simplifies printing by giving you the ability to see and manipulate, in 1:1 scale, what the finished result will look like before you print. The underlying idea is that many common problems, including the wasting of time and paper, could be fixed by making all aspects of the printing interaction more natural, predictable and understandable.

Artefact created a radically simple printer concept called SWYP. See What You Print. To learn more: http://www.artefactgroup.com/#/content/swyp

Самодостаточная печатная установка SWYP (See what you print) - "Смотри что ты печатаешь"
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http://www.itnomic.at | SWYP ist ein vom Designstudio "Artefact" erstelltes Konzept eines "Next Generation Druckers". SWYP steht für See What You Print und soll den Druck radikal vereinfachen und von unnötigem Beiwerk befreien.