Sabaton- wehrmacht

Песня о военной машине Третьего Рейха

Те еще шведы

Sabaton - Wehrmacht.

Sabaton song about Germany's great army 1935-1945.

Música: Wehrmacht
Banda: Sabaton
Álbum: Coat of Arms
Ano: 2010

Клип фильма Брестская крепость с исполнением шведской Группы Sabaton, песни Вермахт.
Clip movie Brest fortress with the execution of the Swedish band Sabaton, lyrics Wehrmacht .

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Sabaton song about Germany's great army 1935-1945.

Excelente vídeo del poder de la maquina de guerra alemana.
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sabaton wehrmacht

Sabaton-Wehrmacht magyar felirattal. A videó egy nézőm kérésére készült :)

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they are form the wehrmacht

Sabaton - Wehrmacht

Не забывайте подвиг наших дедов и прадедов!!!Ведь именно они остановили по настоящему страшного и сильного врага!!

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Movie: "Cross of Iron" and "Breakthrough"
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Film: "Steiner - Das Eiserne Kreuz" und "Steiner - Das Eiserne Kreuz Teil 2"
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This is a music video set to Sabaton's "Wehrmacht" using clips from Star Wars episodes 1, 2, 3 and 5. Rate and comment.

This song is about Rommels Tank Devision on how he stormed into France and literally took over France in one night! They was called "The Ghost Devision", because France had no clue on how fast the Germans moved.

Music video made by me, using WW2 colour videos taken from HCTerrorist channel. Like and subscribe if you've enjoyed it!

Dedicated to all the brave men who fought and died for Europe's future,

A Tribute to the Wehrmacht, the unified armed forces of Germany from 1935 ...

Warnings of an airstrike
The sirens scream out loud
Warnings on the radio
Of whats coming

Appearing on the radar
A threat from overseas
Planes on the horizon
Cast shadows on the ground

Bringers of destruction
Are ravaging the land
Fury of the bombers
A force to reckon with

Sets the world on fire
Then turns to strike again
Flames are burning higher
The bombs keep falling

AA guns are blazing
As the sky is turning red
Better run for cover youll be quick or be dead

Burn Burn
Rage o

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Track: Sabaton - Wehrmacht
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Music video Tribute to the Heer, Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe, Afrika Korps, and the volunteer divisions of the SS