Sandhill Cranes Learning to Dance at the Venice Rookery in Venice, Florida

The migration of Sandhill cranes brings them through the Sand Hills of Nebraska every March. They roost for a couple weeks here on the Platte River at the Rowe Sanctuary. On the way, they make use of the lakes and ponds which form as the Ogallala Aquifer bubbles to the surface.

Could this whole fragile ecosystem be in trouble should the Keystone XL pipeline be approved (as it would cut right across this highly permeable landscape)? According to conservationists, not only the cranes but the entire aquife

Here are the results of my 2015 Sandhill Crane experience.
The sunrise was at the Crane Trust Center's blind near Woodriver, Nebraska (close to Grand Island) the bulk of the remaining footage is around the Rowe Sanctuary near Kearney, Nebraska. Unfortunately the evening on the train bridge at Fort Kearney State Recreation Area was not quite the spectacle I had hoped for and heard about, we still saw several thousand cranes that evening, but over the course of a couple hours and from quite a distance. This

The Platte River in central Nebraska is the stopover for over 600,000 sandhill cranes during their annual spring migration. They rest, they eat, they sing and they dance as they prepare for the next leg of their cross-continental journey. Chicago Tribune photojournalist E. Jason Wambsgans reveals the beauty and magic of these majestic travelers.

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This is my first sandhill crane viewing trip to the Platte River, Nebraska. The videos and photographs were taken at the Crane Trust Center (03/18/...

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Hundreds of thousands of sandhill cranes take part in one of the world's great natural migrations. They settle on Nebraska's Platte river and fatten up in nearby cornfields during their 7,000-mile trip that starts in Mexico and ends as far north as Siberia. Dean Reynolds reports.

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Sandhill cranes mating dance in my backyard along the Yahara River in
The Great Sandhills are one of the largest set of active sand dunes in Canada. The dunes are always moving, creating an ever-changing landscape.

Visit the Great Sandhills Museum Interpretive Centre, see larger-than-life wildlife sculptures in the Town of Leader, and explore area art galleries, museums and antique shops.

The Great Sandhills are 47 km southeast of Leader, 137 km south of Kindersley and 157 km northwest of Swift Current, Saskat

Former ranch hand Kyle Rosfeld ( found a new path making traditional cowboy boots. Read the Etsy blog post here:

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Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith of Tammerlin join David Beede & Mark Billman playing
"The Water is Wide" as a finale to their concert Aug. 24th at the Sandhill Stage in Gainvesville FL

Check out Tammerlin's music at:

with Mark Billman on cello

This was a fundraiser for Alachua Conservation Trust and Conservation Burials Inc.

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Видео из бассейна в отеле Вьетнама - Сандхилс (Sandhills Beach Resort Spa). Отличный отель.

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TJ Snow riding at the Sandhills, a private place somewhere in South Carolina.

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Sandhill Cranes Up Close and Personal - (Grus canadensis)
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As the first wave of waterfowl started to fly north in early May, a group of Sandhill Cranes landed on the tundra near Kugluktuk to rest for the night.

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Sandhill Cranes Jumping & Flying By: Mark H. Vance - Be sure to check out all of Mark's bird videos at Please subscribe if you like birds, many more great videos to come! Thanks
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We recently worked with Quentin Bacon on shooting the time-lapse portion of his real estate piece for Sotheby’s International. What really attracted us to the project was not only the way the light moved through the house but rather the location and the unobstructed view towards the coast. The home, designed by Don Sandy, sits atop a reservoir in Orinda, CA. Scott and Quentin both have a bunch of stills on their blogs: