Sex Pistols - Holidays In The Sun

Sex Pistols - Holidays In The Sun

Видеоклип Sex Pistols на песню "Отдых На Солнце"
(C) 2012 Universal Music Operations Ltd.

Песня (заключительный сингл) с альбома "Never Mind the Bollocks" 1977 года.
Съемка видео 1978 года.

Sex Pistols - Holidays in the sun live 78

Well I was waiting for the communist call... =))))

Music video by Sex Pistols performing Holidays In The Sun. (C) 2012 Universal Music Operations Ltd.

Sex Pistols - holidays in the sun

Что-то на Солнышко захотелось...

my friend Vladimir played on guitar

Сид пиздит басухой уёбка, Стив пиздячит хуепплёту по башке..

Berlin Rock Marathon
Berlin (Ist Dufte!) - Live '88 ---+

Видеоклип Sex Pistols на песню "Отдых На Солнце"
(C) 2012 Universal Music Operations Ltd.

After recieving a rather large number of requests for more of my Sex Pistols video creations, I thought i'd share this one that was made around the same time as the others. I do have a few more to show in the future, but please be patient.

Creation notice: This is to let YouTube, Google or whoever know that I created this video...

This notice by no way means any disrespect to those who own, or those who originally filmed any footage contained within.

Группа Личное Мнение x)
Было круто :D

アルバムでは軍靴の音(ここではバスドラ)で始まるこの1曲目... 衝撃を受けた・・・今まで聴いてた曲は何だったのか? ・・・今やベルリンの壁は崩壊しちゃってるけどねw やっぱシドの上半身裸でベースはカッコいいなぁ

70's punk - The Sex Pistols / Holidays In The Sun
たいした理由なんかねえけど..セックス・ピストルズの「さらばベルリンの陽」を、弾いてみたんだ..nothing but fun.

From the Quad DVD set "Moscow Music Peace Festival" recorded live the 12 and 13 of August 1989 at the Lenin Stadium in Moscow, U.S.S.R.

Disc One

01 Intro

Skid Row

02 Holydays In The Sun
03 Making A Mess
04 Interview Part I
05 Piece Of Me
06 Big Guns
07 18 And Life
08 Interview Part II
09 Youth Gone Wild

10 Bands Interview


11 Bad Seamstress Blues
12 Cinderella Interview Part I
13 Coming Home
14 Nobody's Fool
15 Cinde

Sex Pistols
There'll Always Be An England
Live From Brixton Academy 10.11.2007
The 30th Anniversary of Never Mind The Bollocks
Directed by Julien Temple

This is The Sex Pistols Live at Longhorn Ballroom in Dallas, TX. Tuesday, January 10, 1978 Pt.4

Actually this show starts with the song "God Save The Queen" but begins to be filmed in 'EMI', there is some footage of the early songs, TV programs made by reporting the show, but not completely recorded.
With these others are not cut.

Set List:
God Save the Queen-no recording
I Wanna Be Me-no recording
Seventeen-no recording
New York-no recording
Belsen Was a Gas
Holidays in the Sun
No Feelings
Pretty Vacant
Anarchy in the U.S.A.
No Fun

"They said no one could be more bizarre than Alice Cooper, or more destructive than Kiss... they have not seen the Sex Pistols. Tuesday night, Stone City Attractions presents live, the Sex Pistols. Banned in their own home country, England's Sex Pistols, denied admittance to the United States, the Sex Pistols bring the new wave to the Metroplex this Tuesday night, in the

, Sex Pistols - Holidays In The Sun (Live in S.F Last Show Eve,

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Here I propose a folk-rock acoustic version of this song, for voice and guitar.

Here are the lyrics I used:

I don't want a holiday in the sun
I wanna go to the new Belsen
I wanna see some history
'Cause now i got a reasonable economy

In sensurround sound in a two inch wall
I was waiting for the communist call
I've never asked for sunshine and I've got World War three
I'm looking over the wall and they're looking at me

Now I got a reason, Now I got a reason
Now I got a reason and I'm still waiting
Now I got a reason,
Now I got a reason to be waiting
The Berlin Wall

They're staring all night and
They're staring all day
I had no reason to be here at all
But now I've got a reason it's no real reason
And I'm waiting at the Berlin Wall

I gotta go over the Berlin Wall

Claustropfobia there&#

Sex Pistols - Winterland, San Francisco, CA 14th Jan. 1978

[01]. Intro
[02]. God Save the Queen
[03]. I Wanna Be Me
[04]. Seventeen
[05]. New York
[06]. EMI
[07]. Belsen Was A Gas
[08]. Bodies
[09]. Holidays in the Sun
[10]. Liar
[11]. No Feelings
[12]. Problems
[13]. Pretty Vacant
[14]. Anarchy in the U.K.
[15]. No Fun

Tanks to JJL69 for providing