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Fire show. Lublin.
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Explanation: 00:00
Actual fight: 12:46

This was my first clear of MCNM (forgive the ultra defensive play style, most of us were new to this dungeon). I used all mutinous in this fight but once you become comfortable with the mechanics, dps should use back crit setup. If you're new to the fight, I recommend writing down the debuff order on paper so you can refer to it constantly, because you WILL get confused and cause a wipe.

Red debuff: 1
White debuff: 2
Green debuff: 3<br/><br/>

Please leave all of your questions in the comments section below. I will do my best to answer them as they come! In addition, feel free to contact me in-game; I play on the North American PvE server, Tempest Reach.

Hello there! My name is Crimson, and I have been an avid fan of TERA ever since it was released in Korea. This video consists of the end of phase 1, and the complete phase 2 fight of the endgame dungeon, Manaya's Core. This is the last boss battle on the normal mode version of the dun

Additional Production and Remix by Jack & Joy
a.k.a. Max Bondino & Luca Loi
Out on December 8th

I won a makeup challenge in one of the myspace makeup groups so I got to choose the theme for the following week. It's not going on anymore though, this was something like a month ago!

So again, this is for my myspace blog with all the pictures for this look.

And I apologize for the bit of attitude I got in the video. I was just really irritated at the time with very irritating people leaving not so nice comments and sending rude messages about me "leaving the house like that?!" with the way I do my makeup. Sorry for gettin pissy!!

Anyway, here's Shandra's Myspace if anyone wants to check her out!

and that's it!


I've never gotten this many honors for a video before, WOW!! Thanks everyone for watching/commenting/rating!!

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У відео немає чогось над-над, проте воно грамотно передає атмосферу та стиль катання. Я отримав травму в кінці 2010 року, тому даний профайл є звітом про період реабілітування.

Первое убийство Королевы Аргонов на русских серверах Tera Online через 35 часов после запуска серверов.
Состав КП:
Ансельм Мистик
Melamory Рыцарь
Lindely Жрец
Palms Жнец
Хао Воин

Килл Квины на харде без остановок на 30 и 8 процентах, без смертей. Priest POV.

уривок із фільму Елементс 3 (2010)
вересень-жовтень 2010
Монтаж : Роман Романюк
Музика: One Republic - Good Life

My first video guide, Manayas Core! This is a basic guide from mechanics. Soon i'll be uploading videos from first bosses and the complete hard mode fight explained.

[ 00:25 ] Consumables to carry
[ 00:56 ] Crystals setups
[ 01:17 ] Debuff mechanic - queens sacrifice
-----(Positions screen: 01:54 )
-----(Rotation example: 02:30 ) Remember: White is position 1, green 2, red 3.
[ 02:55 ] Donut, circles attack
[ 03:03 ] Bomb
[ 03:20 ] Fly attack
[ 03:25 ] Tail attack
[ 03:32 ] Acid Circle
[ 03:34 ]

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