Shannon Leto

Moscow, March 22

Corhaix, France 20.07.2014

Shannon Leto on his Motorcycle exiting 30 Seconds to Mars Party!

Fall Out Boy – Immortals

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Песня: Fall Out Boy – Immortals

Shannon Leto Antoine Becks 23.04 Minsk Fashion Club

Шеннимал во всей красе

Shannon Leto says Happy birthday to a fan (me) in Capri. 28/07/2014

Hello everyone :)
My name is Tanya. I am from Ukraine.

The format of my ARTwork is A2.

I painted watercolor portraits of the great musicians of the group 30 Seconds to Mars. I also used the the splatter effect.
Each of the portraits is not just in "this" color. I will explain from the center - in the middle " triad " as a symbol of the unity of these three talented people. Besides music, arts common interests and friendship them as it did not sound unites Jared Leto and he is in the center. He's black and

Open Forum: What's the craziest reason you've dumped someone?

#30 seconds to mars

Shannon Leto Antoine Becks 23.04 Minsk Fashion Club

Видео залито группой:
Новости и юмор 30 Seconds to Mars. Присоединяйтесь!

» multifandom vines

Jared Leto & Shannon Leto greet fans exiting 30 Seconds to Mars Party!

This is the same video... without music, just the clips...
Para vos Nat paha ^^

Shannon Leto & Jasmine Waltz with Roses share lovely evening out at 1 Oak in WeHo

Shannon Leto Antoine Becks 23.04 Minsk Fashion Club

Few of the inspirational words by Shannon Leto and his amazing company

Шеннон Лето играет Up in the Air в шапочке Angry Birds

Paris, France

Shannon Leto and funny gift (the box with candoms)

Shannon and Jared Leto sing Whitney Houston's hit " I will always love you"

RIP Whitney Houston ♥

Shannon Leto from Thirty Seconds to Mars speaking with helium voice in Helsinki. He was entertaining Finnish Echelon.

drawing Shannon Leto

Shannon Leto Antoine Becks 23.04 Minsk Fashion Club

el que me gusta es su hermano jared. lo que me gusta de shannon es el sonido de su risa XD

LOVE, LUST, FAITH + DREAMS tour. 19.7.13

this is a veeery funny video of the Shanimal!!!hahahaha (Dedicated to my beloved sasha!)

Shannon setting up during sound check for the Hollywood Bowl concert on October 12, 2013. I know I mostly got Shannon but you can hear Tomo and Jared makes an appearance

sorry, the sound is very bad, i had to pitch it a little bit, because otherwise YouTube will delete my videos because of the copyright. i work on a better Version :)
btw, look at my "Poison Vid" for Jared, i made it first :)

Shannon Leto/ 30 Seconds To Mars, Drumming Metallica and Kings and Queens.
Cologne Germany 29/11/11


Thirty Seconds To Mars are excited to announce the release of &quot;Night Of The Hunter (Shannon Leto Remix)&quot; on 9/18. The single which was originally on the Thirty Seconds To Mars' acclaimed 3rd album This Is War has been re-worked for the dance floor by the band's powerhouse drummer Shannon Leto.<br><br>UNLOCK free preview of Shannon's #NightoftheHunterRemix w/ just a few clicks!

Shannon Leto Antoine Becks 23.04 Minsk Fashion Club

Вот он танцующий Шеннон)) Он был так близко))

Made by myself!

Music: Avenged Sevenfold - Seize the Day

Song: Imagine Dragons - "Radioactive" Cover by Our Last Night

Colorado Springs 4/12/2011

Jared Leto introducing his brother Shannon on his Laptop over Skype..Shannon was sick but watched the whole concert...badass

As with my other video..sorry about the quality

23.04 MINSK Fashion club

30 Seconds To Mars in Omsk 28.03.2015

Israel 19/08/10


A little interview to Shannon by Mojo . Enjoy.

Adding another video to my 'vault' I hope you like it. I know I reused some clips but they fit so well with the song. And who can complain seeing Shan over, and over again.

I do own any clips or music, song I used is Emeli Sande - My Kind of Love

30 Seconds To Mars - L490 Perm 26.03.2015 Пермь

Sunday, April 5, 2015 - Jared Leto's older brother Shannon Leto waves to photographers as he arrives in L.A. wearing an interesting ensemble including navy blue pajamas, hiking boots, two diamond stud earrings and sunglasses.

Shannon Leto performing "Up in the air" at Rock the beach, Helsinki, Finland, 28/06/13

This Shannon vid was a request from MrsPritchard72

I hope you like it!!!

Please rate and comment!!!

Song: Dance in the Dark by Lady Gaga

I own nothing, except the editing!!!

This is a video about Shannon Leto .
The best drummer + the best guy around the world :)

For the best drummer in the world..



To all who couldn't see my video. It's available for everyone now. Check:

SWEAT SWEAT! Shannon Leto and his little bad girl!!

Night Of The Hunter

Shannon Leto Antoine Becks. live at Gaudi Arena, Moscow, 21 April, 2012

Shannon Leto during meet&greet in Helsinki, Finland, 28/06/13



Thirty Seconds To Mars