-[Show me your...AHS]-

[ENG sub] Kim Ah Joong Show Me Your Heart (my PS partner ost)
video and translation didn't belong to me! I just sync it together
thanks to popgasa for translation & yu ting for the Video


Made by Vietnamese Kim Ah Joong Fan Club
Disclaimer: I'm a fan of Kim Ah Joong and i love her songs so much. So i understand the copyright, i don't own this video.

Love this song part from the movie. (talking part removed) Enjoy! :)

Kim Ah Joong (김아중) - Show Me Your Heart _ Full MV / Music Video [My PS Partner OST]

지성의 'Show me your panty' & 김아중의 'Show me your heart'
영화 나의 PS 파트너 속 클라이막스에 삽입되어 화제를 모으는 신해철 작곡의 신개념 러브쏭
하녀 , 화차 , 돈의 맛 음악감독 김홍집의 손에서 탄생된 영화 삽입곡까지 수록!

지성과 김아중 주연의 나의 PS 파트너 가 올 겨울 유일한 로맨틱 &#


Love this song it's a part from the movie. [My PS Partner OST] Enjoy! :)

i don't own this song or the move just took some parts and putt them together and wrote the english sub because i love the song and the movie ...

Спустя время Юн-Чжон (Kim Ah Joong) поет песню, предназначенную ей на свадьбе, на радио для Хён-Сона (Ji Sung)
Финал фильма My P.S. partner