Silent world

Lucie Simon, Silent world. 2009-2012. USA, China, France, Italy. 7'45 minutes film about the work Silent world, 2012. Music by Philip Glass and Daft Punk. Direction and editing by Lucie Simon.

Точка 11.11.08
Я забыл как група называется но у микрофона Юрий Чижов)

Точка 11.11.08
кавер на известную песню=)

Точка 11.11.08
кавер на известную песню=)

Receptive & New World - Whirling Dervishes (Original Mix)

Release Date: 28/10/2013 [Beatport] 11/11/2013 [All Shops]
Record label: Silent Shore

На борту научно-исследовательского судна «Калипсо» капитан Кусто и его команда бороздят бескрайние водные просторы Индийского океана, путешествуют по Средиземному и Красному морям, снимая на пленку многочисленных и разнообразных обитателей морских глубин. Создатели акваланга — уникального оборудования для подводных погружений — исследуют затонувшие корабли и рассказывают об удивительных открытиях в таинственном мире безмолвия…

Очень известная романтическая песня. Посвящаю её тем, кто любит друг друга. Дарите друг другу любовь, радость, и хорошее настроение!

Сообщество "Постапокалипсис" | Subscribe to the Silent City Here:

The first episode of a new post-apocalyptic web series filmed in the real life abandoned spaces of New York.

A lone survivor searches the ruins of civilization for his next meal, and finds more than he bargained for.

Episode 2 is now online:

Episode 3 is now available:

Episode 4 is now available:

This is a song preview of "Not Silent" from Abney Parks new album, Circus At The End Of The World, on sale September 7th (this Saturday!)

This album has 13 songs, and they are all amazing!
Only at (because we don't like to share with corporate record labels!).

Cold Silent Woods or CSW project - is an experimental electronic project from northern russian city Saint-Petersburg, consisting of one member.
The project was founded in july of 2015.

Autumn'98 EP:

Vk page:

Live in Moscow
Btw, we were just 17 years old

#opensea #откройморе #diveislife #PADI #египет #hurghada #подводныймир #ocean #дайвингвхургаде #дайвинг #diving #scubadiving #хургада #подводноефото #подводой #красноеморе #underwater #diveteam #redsea #egypt #мимими 

Главные новости недели: самое важное с выставки Gamescom, игроки уходят из мира Варкрафта, фанаты воскресили Silent Hills, Подборка недели — новая рубрика в разделе игровой культуры!

Анализ сюжета Journey:

видео разминки
Jaymes Young – Moondust (Sound Remedy Remix)
AraabMuzik - Silent World

29/01/2011 Russia, Yekaterinburg

Uplifting dance floor vibe on this Silent Code remix of Joe Nebula & Rachel Wallace! Release Via Back2You Recordings 11th August.

Joe Nebula
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Rachel Wallace

Nightwish Live in Paradiso Amsterdam 28-08-2002
Part 3

Lessons in Boxing from Mike Gibbons (Former & Late Middleweight Boxing Champion of 1909), Captain Allan Corstorphin Smith (3rd degree jujutsu (judo) master), and how to fight with and against the bayonet.
"I like to apologist for the speed in which the word cards are going at, it is out of my control. Still, I sorry."

Геймплей Sonic Lost World - Desert Ruins and Silent Forest Wii U, Nintendo 3DS

First part of a 1982 short film by Jiri Barta.

IMDb summary: Using an array of gloves in different styles and from different historical periods, the film is a short history of the cinema - from silent movies via pastiches of Buñuel and Fellini and Close Encounters of the Third Kind to a futurist junkyard where tin cans become animated police cars in a city of urban decay.

IMDb link:



"SPA MASSAGE #MUSIC WORLD" IS channel for #Relaxing #Music, #Romantic ,#Calm #Music for helping relax your mind and body !
Artist: Abakus
Track: Sudden Rush
Album: The World of Silent Geometry
Album Genre: downtempo
Label: Modus Records
Released: 2013

There is often a perception with laminate floors that while they are robust and durable, they are also very noisy owing to their hard structure – especially when trampled on and with frequent clattering. HARO has developed the perfect solution with the Silent CT laminate floor, which thoroughly dispels this prejudice. With up to 60 percent noise reduction, Silent CT is the quietest laminate floor in the world. But we go further: installing this quality laminate floor is child's play for good measure.
The te

This beautiful piece is sure to relax the most stressed of minds...sure did work for me! Hopefully it has the same effect on you as it did on me :) Happy listening!

So nice to meet you
The pleasure's mine
Not very often I'm feeling left behind
Don't speak the language as many do
The sound takes me far

Fighting the silence of chosen sanctity
A choice I made alone
Am I misled by the selfish blinding need
My dreams all meet again
Once again
Once again

The star is burning
But the flame is gone
I'll take a new look as I'm hanging on
As the world keeps turning
The faith is gone
The crimes of my age

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I'm a 21-year-old who recently graduated from college in America. I've been traveling solo in Europe for the last couple of months, touching Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, and France. And I have more adventures yet to come.

I am Deaf, and ident

Sawyer Fredericks performed his newest original at Fly 92.3 Summer Jam 2015 at SPAC on June 6th, 2015

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Series: Sonic The Hedgehog
Game: Sonic Lost World
Platform: Wii U / 3DS
Sonic Lost World is owned by SEGA.
All rights and credit goes to Sonic Team, Nintendo & SEGA., Ltd.

A View of the World Trade Center on 03/09/2013.

Мой 1-ый фраг мув в ВОТ,если что-то не так? то скажите я следующий раз сделаю лучше

Хмммм думаю для этой игры неплохо сделано))

English - In 1955, Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau sailed aboard Calypso from her home port of Toulon on a voyage that would take her and her divers over 12,000 nautical miles through the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. Their mission: to film the underwater world. The result: an Academy Award and the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival for The Silent World.

Français - En 1955, le Commandant Jacques-Yves Cousteau quittait son port d'attache de Toulon, avec ses plongeurs, à bord


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Prime World глазами обыкновенного писца (арктической лисички, проживающей в горах прайм-зоны)

All Murphy ever wanted was a hamburger and fries; what he got was a nightmare.

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Игровые новости - выпуск от 2 июня 2015 года

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In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down Russia and the U.S in the cross hairs of each other and how these two superpowers are positioning themselves against each other.


Ripped Sean Tyas - Degenerate Radio 043

Beatport : 09/11/2015
Everywhere : 23/11/2015

The concert in Kharkov Ukrainian doom metal band

Silent Hill 4: The Room Original Soundtracks: The Suicidal Clock Chime, Room of Angel, Confinement
Gameplay by Norkazy

In 2004, the Red Sea was welcoming the Cousteau divers, 50 years after the revolutionary images taken by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Louis Malle in the "Silent World."

Neostatics Sounds contacts:

RELEASE DATE 2014-09-15
LABELS Neostatics Sounds (Exia Recordings)
Keyne - The Silent World of Silence is the latest release on Neostatics Sounds (Exia Recordings).

Watch the first part before:

First part of a 1982 short film by Jiri Barta.

IMDb summary: Using an array of gloves in different styles and from different historical periods, the film is a short history of the cinema - from silent movies via pastiches of Buñuel and Fellini and Close Encounters of the Third Kind to a futurist junkyard where tin cans become animated police cars in a city of urban decay.

Geoff Tate: Operation Mindcrime 2016 on the road performing his new music The Key Triology and Queensryche favorites, Great evening at The Gramercy Theater in NYC on March 1, 2016. Acosutic set of Silent Lucidity & The Weight of the World.

Part 09
Part 11
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Welcome to the sunny coastal town of Sapienza! Here we will see how to walkthrough World Of Tomorrow mission with full silent assassin rate and with own suit only!

HITMAN 2016 Silent Assassin Playlist:

Hitman is an action-adventure stealth video game, developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in an episodic release format. Hitman will be the sixth entry in the Hitman vi

This has got to be the Funniest Moment in Silent Library History.

All rights and credit goes to MTV. Using it for entertainment purposes only. PLEASE DON'T DELETE!! - Silent Rose - "Mouthful of Sand" - Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's largest, uncensored, completely d.i.y. music video site,! We've got News, Games, Contests and the stuff that we can't show on YouTube!

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Silent Rose - "Mouthful of Sand" Project: Hive - A BlankTV Premiere!

Artist city, country: Melbourne, Australia

Artist Biography: After spending the most part o

Powered by 36 Odyssey batteries, the monster truck has an electric motor that develops 350 hp (261 kW) and 850 lb-ft (1,151 Nm) of torque.

Silent Night appears on the album "The World for Christmas".
Shot in Shibuya, Tokyo - November 2013

Artist: Deepchord
Album: Silent World (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Label: echospace [detroit] -- Echospace 313-LP-2

Available From Stores
Beatport - 10th Nov 2014
Everywhere - 24th Nov 2014

As usual Russia gives away so much when it comes to Trance Music. We're please to present you the new single from Vadim Spark & Zarex feat. Katya Ria called "Saving Your World".

In respect to the remixes the duties were given to nowadays high-profiled duo Allen & Envy. It is no secret that everything they put their hands on, turns to gold!

Vadim Spark & Zarex feat. Katya Ria - Saving Your World (Original Mi

From the early race to build gliders to the D-Day invasion at Normandy and Nazi Germany's final surrender, "Silent Wings - The American Glider Pilots of WWII" narrated by Hal Holbrook, reveals the critical role gliders played in World War II offensives. Through rare archival footage and photographs, the film places the audience right at the center of the action in the dangerous world of the American glider pilot. During WWII, 6000 young Americans volunteered to fly large unarmed cargo gliders into battle. F
Little Dragon Pictures

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Music of Space and Time presents:
Eternal Wanderers – Silent World.
Performed on the Music of Space and Time festival.

Shot, Directed & Edited by Arthur Bouet

Alexander Van Pelt - Silent World
Out of Alexander Van Pelt's new album "Afternoon Delight"
Limited Edition CD available here :

AB Records - 2014

World Trade Center - Construction of the WTC 1970's. The people at work there. The SS Rotterdam ship into a berth in the foreground.


from Memento-Mori ~Embrace of Utopia~

Lucie Simon, In the making of the Beijing images, China, 2010. Silent world, 2009-2012.

welcome! this is my video for bols around the world bartenders competition 2013, have fun! and remember: "only the dose permits something not to be poison".

thanks to Manuel Bressan Indigomedia, Emanuele Dusi Fun&chic, Enrico Lenti E-color, Vincenzo Rocca Ecolegno,diego e daniela pasticceria Perlini,Mixinglab,my family, friends and Bols

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Music: QUERUX(rest or stay?)
Movie: Studio LiNK
Vocals: Lapis Aoki

Thanks for watching.

~I don't own or claim this. Credit goes to the original producer(s).


01. Burn (Intro) - (0:00 - 1:19)
02. The Serpent - (1:23 - 5:04)
03. Ugly Savior - (5:06 - 7:45)
04. Netherworld - (7:46 - 11:27)
05. Steps to Abyss - (11:28 - 14:39)
06. Invisible Emptiness - (14:40 - 18:12)
07. Rebellion of Your Beast - (18:13 - 21:54)
08. Devil Will Cry - (21:55 - 28:19)

SILENT EYE - Dirty world of angels (Music Video)

First world sensual Silent party (kizomba and bachata) by kizomba Milano in Milano

Programme website: A cutting edge experiment reveals how owls can sneak up on their prey.

Artist: Rotten World
Album: A Darkest And Silent Ambiance
Genre: Gorenoise/Ambient Noise
© Rotten World

A "silent song"
(to my daughter, because she loves this)

Voice: Sergey Yakovenko
Piano: Ilya Scheps
Composer: Valentin Silvestrov

Прощай, свiте! Прощай, земле,
Неприязний краю!
Моï муки, моï лютi
В хмарi заховаю.
А ти, моя Украïно,
Безталанна вдово!
Я до тебе лiтатиму
З хмари на розмову.

На розмову тихосумну,
На раду з тобою;
Опівночі, падатиму
Рясною росою.

"Goodbye, O world, O earth, farew

Based on the story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of Sherlock Holmes fame, this celluloid adaptation is considered a classic and has been selected for preservation by the National Film Registry.

Classic stop motion animation is used and done by the legendary Willis O'Brien (the man responsible for the stop animation for another classic - King Kong).

Entertainment for the whole family!

* in memory: Mateusz Bąkowski (Matt Trigle)* RIP :(
Record label: Silent Shore
Release Date: 13/01/2014 [Beatport] 27/01/2014 [All Shops]
Release code: SSR184