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Learn how to give your Spanish-flavored solo playing some authenticity! In this in-depth (but easy) lesson we'll cover a couple of specialized scal...

I used Audacity & I just change pitch (Not Cover) ^^ .
I hope you like it ^^

Download link: SOON

Carolena Nericcio of FatChanceBellyDance and Lucie Tuan of Red Lotus Belly Dance perform to "Simple Solo" by Scirocco, from the CD "Scirocco Vol. 1" available at

Nagranie 28-29 lipca 2011r.

Zanim posłuchasz, dla lepszego efektu odpal porządne głośniki stereo + subufer :) :P

Podkład w całości stw...

In this video we'll work on playing what we want to HEAR, not just what falls under our fingers. This lesson is great for all levels including beginners and will help you build confidence and musicality in your blues and other soloing. Donations gratefully accepted: to

A lesson on building a real solo. Click here to download the track . This lesson will explain simple lead elements that can be used in building a solo in a song. Not all lead guitar and solos have to be fast and fancy. This lesson is a great example on simple lead guitar elements.

To download the MP3 jam track for this lesson visit (btw, it's the same jam track as the previous lesson). This lesson is really a continuation of the previous in which I gave a brief overview of the Minor and Major Pentatonic scales and how they relate to each other. In this lesson I show how solos can be made using just 3 notes.

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I like simple arrangements but this one is a bit deceiving. It's a real bugger to play smoothly. Maybe it's just me, but...

Click here to learn 60 chords in less than five minutes! Free video presentation will show you the secret of taking 5 simple chords and easily changing them into 60. A must-see video for guitarists of all levels.

This video will show you couple of simple licks and how to create guitar solo.

If you serious about improving your guitar skills, check out all out guitar-learning courses here:

Me just noodling around with a new keyboard lead sound.

Running Sonar X1. Controlling Omisphere with an Alesis Fusion 8. Using the pitch bend for vibrato (because using the mod wheel is stupid) and bends.

Updated version:
This is the easiest method (IMO) to get all the chests in Chapter 5, solo.
What you will need:
Soma (for his abilities)
Puppet Master (to get the chest behind the flame at the left of the map)
Yorick (To kick-jump off of in order to get enough air to get to the top left mirror)
Medusa (to get the purple chest to the right of Death, plus Medusa helps a lot throughout the level)

Yes, I know I am not the best nor do I have the

Learn simple guitar solos with guitar lessons from Danny Gill! Order your copy online today

Sometimes the simplest guitar solos are the best ones. Danny Gill proves this point by teaching you seven of the simplest, yet memorable and inspiring solos from seven huge rock and blues hits. Each solo is broken down taught note for note by Danny and will leave you with a deeper understanding of how to make your own simple solos more powerful and effective. Lessons include;

video -

John Taylor - piano

Klaeng Festival
Klaeng Jazzkollektiv Köln, 23. Oktober 2013

Download the FREE tab and backing tracks here:

In this video, Steve Stine shows you how to play a fun and relatively easy soloing pattern in the style of players like John Petrucci, Jeff Loomis and Yngwie Malmsteen.

If you think that pattern is cool, then check out GuitarZoom's Solofire course by Steve Stine. It will take your solos to a level you never thought possible

Tricks To Soloing In Any Key - Guitar Lesson - Simple Guide To The Fretboard Brett Papa papastache102 papastache

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Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb solo #1, Fast/Slow Version - Lesson

Top 5 Simple Guitar Solos For Beginners

Here's a short video I did a little while ago, just playing to a click giving someone some samples to play with, bit of simple hip hop style drummi...

Here's a very quick, improvised sound presentation of my Mapex Saturn IV MH Exotic kit. Stock heads that took pretty much abuse are still on:)

I'm not the master of micking and procesing so I only added a tiny little bit of reverb to get you the idea of the way it sounds for real.

Huge thanx to ZIBI & MAPEX POLSKA for letting me play this awesome set!

Wait for more!


Luc \m/

я стукаю

Видео с выступления на фестивале Emergenza в клубе Opera SPb, 04.12.2016

Welcome to Beginning Improvisation, a series of lessons aimed at the novice improviser. In this lesson we take a look at the extended pentatonic scale, a very simple to play but useful scale.

Подписывайтесь и развивайтесь!

October 22, 2012. Teatro Caupolicán, Santiago, Chile.

незастегнутая рубашка :OO
сыграл соло из своей новой песенки :]


well i thought this was a pretty cool smooth solo so ehh gave it a shot :D


Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers questions from off of his Guitar Blog website...

Q). I am making a study of the neck's scales right now and I have a number of patterns memorized. I've also learned a few sections of some solos. But, I was wondering if you could run down a proper way that I could get better at learning to "play solos." Is there an orderly guitar soloing exercise? Or, an academic style approach to

Visit to download the tablature and jam track for this lesson (be sure to look for EP034). If you like this lesson there are hundreds of others like this on the ActiveMelody website.

In this guitar lesson you'll learn how to play a simple, jazzy sounding blues rhythm in the key of A. Premium members will get a second video that breaks down the lead part (second half) in detail as well as the tablature and jam track that is used.

An easy way to set up an exercise tool for practicing sword cuts and thrusts. An old, worn out tire can be found for free or cheap and makes for a nice sturdy "training partner" that doesn't object to being hit a little harder. :)

I know I said I would have the motion comic done by tonight, but I've run into some issues with it, so please enjoy my mediocre guitar and singing skills, recorded with a $15 microphone. This is pretty much my first attempt at recording my music. Harmonies are also mine.

Picture credit again goes to Nimaru -


This is my Guitar cover of Take My Hand by Simple Plan

Download this music from the link below:
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Ok, this is more of a Bass solo than a riff. This Bass lesson covers the MELODY of the trumpet line. The most memorable part of the song.

Hope you enjoy it!

Here are some of my favourite simple guitar solos. I know there are a lot more than just 10 but this is just my top 10.

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