Smoking health harms
Smoking - Smoking is Harmful For Health - Smoking Causes Cancer


Smoking - Smoking is Harmful For Health - Smoking Causes Cancer
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Мультик Взрослым! О Том, Как Курение Вредно Для ЗДОРОВЬЯ ! Cartoon Adult! About How Smoking is Harmfu...

In this episode Shawn from reveals the results of his Chest x-ray comparison of a before and after snapshot. In this Episode we compare a chest x-ray before and after which is an interesting view. His volcano like smoking was heavy at two plus packs a day. Shawn Switched to Electronic Cigarettes in 2009.

This video is NOT promoting health of ecigs and you should not start ecigs unless you are a long time smoker. This video was added as it was mentioned as an idea in a previous e-c<br/><br/>

The 'Toxic cycle' advert from Public Health England shows the toxic cycle of cigarette smoke as it enters the blood and affects the lungs, heart and brain. It shows the damage that smoking can do to every part of the body -- and explains that every time you smoke, blood that's thick and dirty with toxins circulates through your body in seconds, increasing your chances of a heart attack or stroke. If you could see the damage, you'd stop.

NHS Smokefree helps thousands of people quit smoking every year