Soko - First Love Never Die

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Жаль, что я не могу вернуться к этому....
Прошло уже много времени....
Можешь ли ты ощутить то де самое?
Первая любовь никогда не умрет.

Directed by: Soko & Matthew Gray Gubler
Co-Edited by: Matthew Gray Gubler & Soko & Matt Murphy & Laura Gonzalez
First Lovers: Emilia Sterkel & Trip Star Moon.
Shot in Nevada in August 2011.
Big Thank you to everyone at the Ranch ( humans & animals ! ) for letting us have such a wonderful time with you.. Thanks to Derek, Persephonie, Andre and the kiddos for being so great !

Soko - First Love Never Die
Taken from Soko's debut album « I Thought I Was An Alien »
Out Feb 20th, 2012

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Directed by: Soko & Matthew Gray Gubl...

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Soko dans l'émission "C A Vous" sur France 5.