Spartacus Season 3 Teaser

Spartacus Season 3 - Teaser Trailer

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Видео принадлежит группе "Сериалы *:* Спартак: Кровь и Песок (2010) Боги Арены (2011) Месть (2012) *ВСЕ СЕРИИ*" -
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Those of you who flavored the Spartacus TV series franchise last year through this January must know how hard it is, waiting for the next season! Spartacus Season 3 is going to come to TV screens in January 2012. There is a lot of debate whether the Spartacus Season 3 is actually Season 2 with the main character, but when you discount for the prequel they launched this year, the Spartacus Season 3 debate becomes futile.
The Spartacus franchise has an unusual history and is massively successful nonetheless. After the end of the first season of Spartacus, the main lead actor was diagnosed with lymphoma which left him no other choice but to take a temporary break for treatment. This allowed the producers to come up with the prequel for the Spartacus show as Spartacus Season 2 while they figured out how to move on from the original plot. Spartacus Season 3 is going to be featuring a new lead actor. Еще жестче, еще свирепей !!!«Спартак: Боги арены» позволит расслабиться после серых будней, но не нужно принимать всё происходящее на экране всерьёз. Всё-таки по большей части это выдумка сценаристов, которую реализовал режиссёр сериала.