Spectral Motion


Behind-the-scenes tests of some of the spellbinding animatronics

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Virtual Field Trip to Spectral Motion - Creature FX for kids
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On November 22nd, 2013 we brought school children from around the country along on our first ever Virtual Field Trip as part of Google's new "Connected Classrooms" initiative.

We visited Hollywood character creation studio Spectral Motion (Hellboy, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Pacific Rim), where Spectral Motion founder Mike Eliza

Spectral Motion Demo Reel

A look back at an early promo video for Spectral Motion.

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The amazing art and technology of Spectral Motion's unequalled team!

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Pacific Rim, Rollie Pollies, making of. Spectral Motion. Video compilation by Kevin McTurk.<br/><br/>

This video features Doug Jones in a silicone prosthetic makeup designed by Mike Elizalde at Spectral Motion.

A small sampling of Spectral Motion's astounding animatronic heads.

Join host Scott Ian as he explores the servo magic of animatronics and robotics with Mike Elizalde and Brian Walsh of Spectral Motion (Hellboy, Fantastic Four, Robot Combat League, Lady in the Water, etc).

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