Spiritualized, Hey Jane

В эпической шестиминутной финальной сцене клипа, в которой героиня становится жертвой нападения обиженного клиента, сделанное добро возвращается к ней самым неожиданным и жестоким образом.



Directed by AG Rojas Produced by The Range Cinematography by Michael Ragen

The first single from Sweet Heart, Sweet Light (16/04/12) pre order from Fat Possum in the US: http://bit.ly/3Hkm or here for EU/UK: http://bit.ly/wVIjkT

Directed by AG Rojas

Spiritualized® - Hey Jane [live @ Other Voices, Dingle, Ireland - 04-12-11].
Setlist was:
1. Hey Jane http://youtu.be/LugL4P_iODo
2. Cheapster http://youtu.be/920X0q4zkzY
3. Mary http://youtu.be/-e2tuLT762E
4. Rated X http://youtu.be/nAKceeeohUM
5. Little Girl http://youtu.be/9Cyo8xivbk8
6. So Long You Pretty Things http://youtu.be/WbYm6GlAm8o
7. Take Me To The Other Side http://youtu.be/H5gHbvocm-0

Full show here: http://youtu.be/2V_UGjMqKBI
Interview here: http://youtu.be/DP3r8A7Z2l8
Mastered/tweaked audio only version: http://youtu.be/jrzMkJKyvOE

Spiritualized will release their new album Sweet Heart Sweet Light via Fat Possum in the U.S., and the Domino imprint Double Six in the UK March 19. It was recorded over the past two years in Wales, L.A., and Reykjavik, Iceland. Sweet Heart Sweet Light follows 2008's BNM'd Songs in AE.
Track listing for "Sweet Heart Sweet Light&qu

Spiritualized- Live at the Royal Albert Hall October 11 th. 2011
Track mastered by Eat lights Become lights @ Eat lights HQ- West Hollywood LA

Spiritualized's Jason Pierce performs "Hey Jane" at the TLA in Philadelphia and talks about the balance between pop and psychedelia.

1. Stay With Me (0:17)
2. Mary (1:52)
3. So Long You Pretty Thing (2:59)
4. Hey Jane (4:05)
5. I Am What I Am (13:28)

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In session for Lauren Laverne on 15 March 2012, for BBC 6 music's 10th birthday celebrations. Uploaded again because the sound was terrible last time. Ho hum. http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/events/6music-celebrates

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