Spring Blue Scarlet Pimpernel One Stroke Flower Nail Art Tutorial

Hello You Guys!!!

Happy Friday ~

For today's video I had to go to my emergency files, I wanted to upload the nail design I had on Sunday's video. I tried getting home early all week long so that I would have time to edit the video have it ready for you today, but I wasn't able to have it done.

I will for sure have it edited ready to upload sometime early next week. The video I uploaded today comes from like I mentioned my emergency file, I have a special file full of ready edited nail design videos for Friday's like today when my week was full I had no time for editing my regularly scheduled nail art video.

I hope you guys like it try this fun Spring Blue Scarlet Pimpernel Flower out.

Have An Awesome Friday I'll See You Sometime Early Next Week, Bye*