Star Wars: The Old Republic Cinematic Trailer - E3 2010

на 5 минут погрузился в сказку

"Blur Studios вновь показывает высший класс по созданию потрясающих видеороликов. Битва клонов и джедаев заставляет затаить дыхание."

Star Wars: The Old Republic | E3 2010: Hope of Alderaan Cinematic Trailer HD


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Star Wars_ The Old Republic - E3 2010_ Hope of Alderaan Cinematic Trailer

Hier der brandneue Cinemativ Trailer der diesjährigen E3.

The Sith, Jedi and clones throw down the gauntlet deep within the forests of Alderaan in this epic cinematic trailer lasting more than five minutes!

Get your first glimpse of the upcoming MMO set in the iconic Star Wars franchise with this cinematic trailer! The Old Republic releases on 12.20.11, so watch this trailer and prepare yourself for battle!

Our review in progress is happening right now! Read our impressions of how the game is evolving as we level up:

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