Steam Powered Giraffe - Honeybee

Steam Powered Giraffe performing Honeybee at Wild West Steamfest on 4/23/2016 at the Heritage Museum of Orange County in Santa Ana.

Apologies for any shaking or poor quality. This was filmed on my phone and I wasn't really watching the screen (because, as Steve reminded us at the beginning, the show is better enjoyed not through a screen.) And then the tall people in front of me moved their heads -__-

An excellent performance from Steam Powered Giraffe at Wild Wild West Con.



You're back? Good. I'm hoping that means you enjoyed the song immensely. (If you're still here, you may want to wear headphones; the sound's a bit low and the harmonies are supposed to play in separate speakers.)

Now then, please excuse the rather fail attempt at drawing a wind-up giraffe that smokes, but has no features that indicate it's robotic origins. I am n

Davis Chamber Choir
Soloists: Steven Ilagan, Ashley West

Arrangement by Nathan Halbur.
Video produced by Isabel Fischer. Recorded at the Art Studio Basement Gallery, UC Davis, Davis, CA.
Audio recorded live at DCC's fall concert on December 5, 2015 at Third Space Art Collective, Davis, CA.

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just messing around with Honeybee on piano... yeah...

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The song "Honeybee" from the album "The Two-Cent Show" by Steam Powered Giraffe

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"Honeybee" by Steam Powered Giraffe
Music & Lyrics by Isabella

Automatonic Electronic Harmonic and Honeybee. Friday night in Everett, Washington January 31st. Rabbit's 2nd show in her new outfit.<br/><br/>

My instrumental remake of Steam Powered Giraffe's hit "Honeybee". :)

The encore performance of Steam Powered Giraffe during the Gala concert at the Grand Canadian Steampunk Exposition (September 13th, 2014).

As an encore performance, SPG performed Honeybee, dedicated to me for my birthday (Thanks to the lady in charge ;3; )

Taken at the Wild West Steamfest on April 23, 2016 in Santa Ana
(please forgive my fangirling. XD)

Hope you all enjoy. :D

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© 2012 Steam Powered Giraffe LLC.

"Honeybee" Lyrics
Music & Lyrics by Christopher Bennett
Composed by David Bennett

You didn't have to look my way
Your eyes still haunt me to this day
But you did. Yes, you did

You didn't have to say my name
Ignite my circuits and start a flame
But you did

Oh, Turpentine erase me whole
(Cause I) don't want to live my life alo

Firstly, pardon the shakiness, I've got very shaky hands and I was pretty nervous. Secondly, SPG didn't have enough time/didn't feel like putting on their makeup, so you get to see them preform without! Huzzah! You may also wish to see AlysonRaeWilliams' videos, they're probably better for viewing.

Steam Powered Giraffe performs Honeybee at the San Diego Zoo on 9/1/12<br/><br/>

Taken at Wild West Fest at Calico ghost town on 4/27

© 2013 Steam Powered Giraffe LLC.
Video edited by David Michael Bennett
Audio mixed by David Michael Bennett

From Steam Powered Giraffe's upcoming Live Show DVD "Steam Powered Giraffe: Live at the Walter Robotics Expo", the band performs their song "Honeybee".

The full Steam Powered Giraffe concert from this show will be available for purchase later on this year via DVD as well as various digital media distributors.

Video shot with stationary GoPro cameras and two DSLRs during a l

This was at the Sky Commodore's Autumn Masquerade Ball that I was able to go to last night! It was awesome. I had a lot of fun, and I love SPG so much.

I don't own anything, I was just in the crowd.

My, hasn't it been a while! Apologies for that, I'm currently experiencing some computer problems, hence why the rendering is also a little below par. But I still hope you enjoy it!