Strange Talk - Cast Away

Тот редкий случай, когда песня играет везде - в игре, в плеере, и на ТыТюбике с видеорядом)))


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Stange Talk

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Australian electro pop band, formed in February 2010. It rather fits to games like Fifa 13, but still pretty good tune.

Official video for Strange Talk's Rdio Session of "Cast Away." For more of Strange Talk's Rdio Session head to

Filmed at the historic Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin. SXSW 2014.

Produced and shot by: Rowlberto Productions
Post-Production: 12FPS (Winston Merchan & Heidi Petty)

Our debut album "Cast Away" will be released in the U.S. April 29th. Pre-Order the album from iTunes & get "Young Hearts" instantly! //

Melbourne synth-pop sensations Strange Talk dropped in to Music Feeds Studio earlier this month and gave us not one, not two, but a super solid set of three buzzing tracks!

In this clip, the synth machines and keyboards got a solid workout as the boys performed their first single Cast Away, the title track from their recently released debut album.