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Клипец посвятила Касу..... его путь от равнодушного ангела.. до обаяшки и любимца братьев Винчестеров!!!!

Видео сделала Caroline ღ Legally Blondeღ Winchester Forbes (Omelina)
песня Роман Архипов Demons and Angels

This is one for the record books, an angel and a demon having a drink together. Is it the start of something big for next season.

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Credit for the coloring: nataly (aka Tenzya)
Spoilers: S08
As usual I was bored and I wanted to make it epic, but... It's not my best video, but I hope you like it!
P.S. It's mostly angels & demons.
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Have you ever seen an angel? During a time of prayer at The SCOAN, a young man possessed by a 'legion' of demons attempts to escape and leave the church. He is stopped by Divine angelic forces guarding the church premises and receives his full deliverance!

NB - Watch until the end to hear his remarkable experiences during the powerful deliverance session with T.B. Joshua

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The climatic showdown between the angels and demons in Supernatural. I love this scene to death.

And for those Castiel fans like me - did anyone want to scream and kill alastair for almost killing castiel? i soooo did ^^

1)Дин Винчестер;

Рейтинг: Дин/Анна.
Аннотация к видео клипу:
Дин здесь в роли Демона и он подчиняется служителям преисподнии. Аластер приказывает ему отыскать главнокомандующего Ангела и убить его.
Винчестер находит главного Ангела и это оказывается девушка по имени Анна. Дин встречался с ней, когда был человеком. Он очень сильно любил ее. Увидев Анну, он не смог исполнить приказ, потому что, где-то внутри ис

, Supernatural - Angels or Demons,

Нарезка финала 5 сезона. Сатана в теле Сэма...

Автор: MupkaR
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What happen when Angels incidentally meet with demons in the same room ? This is what happen. Although the fight scene in this episode not quiet impressive, but it not bad either. The suck thing is the way Supernatural describes Angels. For you who don't watch season 4 yet, here the information for your :
In this video, there are some characters.
Angels : Castiel, Uriel and Anna Milton (fallen angel).
Demons : The leader is Alastair. And there is Ruby.
And the last are our favorite : The Winche

After being captured, Castiel is forced to stand by, while Dean and Sam try to kill the devil, under the watch of Meg Masters.

aah finally I've finished this one :D It's about Swan Song, a very stunning episode of Supernatural..

You can see the fight against the devil (more or less successfull :L ) and its consequences (especially for Dean :( )

Hope you'll enjoy! :) <br/><br/>