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День рождения: 13 Февраль 1990 г.
22 года, проживает в Metuchen, Нью-Джерси, США

so beatiful
so sweet
so sexy

Susan Coffey promoting an Indiegogo campaign to produce our first Limited-Edition poster.

Susan Coffey:

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Originally meant to be out by her birthday but I was too lame to finish it on time. Susan Coffey is a gorgeous model and apparently a very good pianist :3 You can check out more of her stuff on DeviantArt. Here's to you, Susan! ^_^

Susan coffey HD 720p
song: Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine

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Behind-The-Scenes from Susan Coffey's Pin-Up Poster Photo Shoot

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The finished Susan Coffey Gradient Mesh on Deviantart:

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VooDoo4u2nv (on Deviantart) Hair brushes: These are the best hair brushes I've found on the web so far.

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Sylver - Skin (Extended Mix)
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[Title: Skin (Extended Mix) ]
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Susan Coffey
Invitada en Guadalajara 12 y 13 de Abril 2014
Tienes que Vivirlo!!

фото с сайта -
композиция: Поль Мориа - Reality. тут есть и лучше c:

Went geocaching in the summer with Susan Coffey and Bre ( Poisonne ) around locations in Mississauga/Toronto --- I decided to take them to locations I've already discovered to save on having to look for the geocaches since we were pressed on time and Susan was flying back out to NJ later that evening ....

The Geocache locations were "The Kariya Wedding Bell", "The Ammobox " and "The Nightingale" ( this was one of my hidden ones )

So much manual labor for Susan Coffey. It was worth it I guess, but this took forever to finish Q.Q

она потрясающая...


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Behind-The-Scenes from Susan Coffey's 2015 Calendar Photo Shoots