Video for Vancouver Craft Beer Week 2011. PRODUCED BY: Dead Famous PRODUCTION: Shaun Lawless & Scot Proudfoot ACTOR: Brandon J. Mason LOCATION: Sugar Studios & The Black Frog WARDROBE: Boolala Costumes MAKE-UP/STYLING: Paula Lanzador AUDIO & POST-PRODUCTION: Bear Studios MUSIC: Stuart Brander C/O Liberty Music Trax

о-о-о,хочу себе такого! идеальный мужчина * w *

Produced By: Dead Famous
Production: Shaun Lawless, Scot Proudfoot
Actor: Brandon J. Mason
Location: Sugar Studios The Black Frog
Wardrobe: Boolala Costumes
Make-Up/Styling: Paula Lanzador
Audio Post-Production: Bear Studios
Music: Stuart Brander / C/O Liberty Music Trax

East of Iceland's capital Reykjavik deep into the dark lava fields of the remote Nordic country there's a geological formation drawing Instagrammers across the world. Derived from the Icelandic 'geysa' which means 'to gush', the steaming geothermal Haukadalur valley is home to a surprising natural phenomenon which creates erupting explosions of boiling water followed by white steam. While there are a number of erupting geysers across the world it's Iceland's Geysir which draws the most attraction. The great Geysir is now inactive but its neighboring Strokkur still creates jets of water up to 50 meters high and erupts every few minutes, and the area is also home to hot pools and springs. There is still some uncertainty a to what exactly causes the geysers to explode but it is commonly believed that due to the country's volcanic and geologically active state, high temperatures underground cause trapped boiling water to react with cool water above and burst to the surface. To view more photos and videos from Geysir tap the blue location text above. Video by @marie_claireb #igapp

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“We all have what it takes...tap into your greatness #Legendary #NotJustYet (TrainedByJay.com)”

This TV spot takes after the initial reveal trailer for Street Fighter V back in 2014 with footage from the recent trailers spliced in. It's an overall great trailer, & it was apparently aired during the Broncos vs. Patriots game. #RiseUp

I claim no ownership over the conent in this video. All rights to Street Fighter V go to Capcom USA, while PS4 & the PlayStation brand are properties of Sony.