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Conor is approached by a beautiful young lady at a bar in Argentina. He quickly realizes that she may be what the locals call "The Black Widow". He confronts her about her plan to drug and rob him and exposes the Black Widow once and for all. Gentlemen, take notes.

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I was waiting for this collab for so lond :D And I'm so happy with the result !

I did: Hayley + Daving
She did: Camille + Rebekah

please check her channel she is amazing :

Song: Black Widod
Colouring: Mine
Editing: mine and ImperfectlsTheNewPerfectx}
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 11
Fandom: The Originals

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976,
allowance is made for fair use

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"The Black Widow always wins."


◄ Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Captain America : The Winter Soldier, LUCY


Song : Britney Spears - Break The Ice
Software : Sony

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Music video by Butch Walker And The Black Widows performing Synthesizers. @ 2012 Dangerbird Records

Мое видео, приятного просмотра)

Bucky Barnes + Natasha Romanoff

Iron Man 2
Captain America: The First Avenger
Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Music: Really Slow Motion – Gender

The above video is fan made

When S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Clint Barton was ordered to terminate the infamous Black Widow, Natalia Romanova, he made a unexpected choice, and that choice had its consequences…

Characters: Dottie Underwood and Natasha Romanoff

Scenes: Avengers Age of ultron | Capitain America 2 | Capitain America Civil War | Agent Carter | Black Swan (trailer).

Music: Porcelain and The Tramps
Coloring: #62 [Breath] kindon18

22 сентября 2015, "16 тонн"
Выступление The BlueStocking в финале фестиваля "ИНДЮШАТА-2015"

Видео: Дмитрий Стасюк

Совместное выступление с австралийским автором-исполнителем Алексом Эдвардсом и московской группой Felidae

видео: Дмитрий Стасюк

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Filmed by Sebastien

"Black Widow" cover instrumental in the style of Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora!


Best quality instrumental on the internet, period. Perfect for cover songs.

Subscribe to Platinum Instrumentals! - This was filmed over 2 Days. This is what the weather is like where I live. Beautiful and Warm one moment - Freezing Cold the next! Hah!! Ok - THiS iS THE BLACK WiDOW! My friends - it is purpose built for the Tough Truck Competition of 2013 coming up in August. I am working the bugs out of it now.. trying to dial it in. Unfortunately, it's quite cold.. still making it difficult to test. None-the-less, I will keep working with it to get it down right!

Music Supplied b


(re-uploaded 2015 due to Vevo removing in Europe)

For their new "Synthesizers" video, Butch Walker & The Black Widows invited unabashed fan Matthew McConaughey to reprise his role as the iconic stoner Wooderson from 1993's 'Dazed and Confused.' With the blessing of 'Dazed' director Richard Linklater, the two teamed up with Shane Valdes (Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco) for what can only be described as an epic night out. Watch the Vevo premiere here:

Music video by Butch Walker And The Black Widows performing Synthesizers. @ 2012 Dangerbird Records

Natasha Romanoff + Bucky Barnes

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Music: Imagine Dragons - I'm So Sorry

Reverend and The Makers – Black Widow (Live)

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The Animal In Mes post-hardcore Cover of Black Widow By Iggy Azalea

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Mannus zingt tijdens zijn Blind Audition het nummer ‘Black Widdow’ van Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora. Hij kiest uiteindelijk voor coach Ilse.

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My fan-Made video about Black Widow.
Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) is a fictional character, appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Scarlett Johansson portrayed the character in the films Iron Man 2 (2010), Marvel's The Avengers (2012), and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Editing Software Names: Adobe After Effects CC & Windows Live Movie Maker
This Video includes of three movies episodes

Iron Man 2 - Official trailer:

how can we know you re jesus?...

спецом для любителя черных дам Toshio . TAKE YOUR BARBARA WILSON!

HI GUYS :) Here i am and one of my fifavorite otp!!! I love them so much!! Hope you like this video :) .

HD please!!!

Show: Captain America
Song: Silent Running- Hidden Citizens
Ship: Black Widow and Winter Solder (buckynat)
Program: Sony Vegas 13
"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purpo

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The water keeps the spiders from walking up my arm. On the first take the recluse almost went up my sleeve. Music by Jonasty42. Loxosceles reclusa and Latrodectus mactans cruising on my hand in Texas. I found them both on my cousin's ranch - the recluse was under a pile of plywood and the widow was in a pumphouse. I also found a third spider, Cicurina, but I didn't even think to include her in the fun.

This vid is sorta a team\action-y vid, or, something like that, I dunno, I just love these two and I ship them so bad!

Many more (shippy) videos of these two to follow :)

Music is "John's Walk" by Jamin Winans

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Please Watch In 720p
Tribute to one of the hottest Woman in the Comic-Book Universe: Black Widow (Scarlett Johannson).


"...can't you hear my screams...?"

Clint goes MIA during a mission, but Natasha refuses to stop searching for him.

How does one edit slow songs? Once the beat kicks in it's not so bad, but, before... uhh...

Not the Clint/Nat video I am supposed to be working on (I'm 2 minutes done with Resistance, but, it's a long song...), but, this song came up on my MP3, I hadn't heard it an ages, and forgot how much I loved it, so I decided to vid it to my favorite couple :D

Song and artist

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Was this the Air

Hot Toys Black Widow - The Avengers - Unbox e Review BR / by diegohdm

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Because I was bored. And because she is awesome.

Clip's from Marvel's Iron man 2 and Avengers assemble. Song is 'Trouble' by Pink, it's probably been used for her before... sorry about that :L

video live della canzone Come To The Sabbath dei Black Widow,coverizzata dai Death SS.Godetevela.

For more movie news, stories and videos visit:

Show broadcast by Михаил 0kr0shka Шмыгель
паблик -
Cast chanel -

Live in Moscow 23/03/2013
Murderer, you have returned
To create fear and sorrow (c)

Video from the Album "Best Amazing Reasons" of the portuguese band THE BOURBONS.

Photos coming soon to
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Mailing Address PO Box 384 Pacifica, CA 94044
Theme Song 25 Cents Available

Show broadcast by Михаил 0kr0shka Шмыгель
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Off the album "The Spade" available now - Download on iTunes:

Producer: Salome Breziner

Directors: Shane Valdés, Peter Harding

Its been FOREVER since I last uploaded a video! Just NUTS!!!
So now I'm back with another crazy Anaal Nathrakh cover, this time with In The Constellation of the Black Widow. Its filled with good guitar playing and wacky faces as always. ENJOY!!!

I also tracked a Left and Right guitar for this and in the video I jump from doing rhythm to doing Lead.

Watch in 720p
Lucrezia Borgia.See also: Cesare Borgia - Godless:

Lucrezia Borgia: Innocence can be Hell
Song: Susanne Sundfør - "Black Widow"

Video Review of the Hot Toys Captain America The Winter Soldier: Black Widow


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"1940. Dottie Underwood is a russian spy who has a mission to destroy Agent Peggy Carter. For that she has to infiltrate in her world and to do what she knows better: be a black widow killer baby! Leaving behing her hard childish past"

Coming soon....

P.S: This is my own creation, so belong to me the idea... it is not a future movie.... xD

Dedicated to Miri because she is my personal black widow ;)

- This is my entry for The Original Editing Contest by DarkFireBird


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From the TV Special that acommpanied the WTMN album, with the legendary Vincent Price.

Black Widow were a rock band that formed in Leicester, England in September 1969. The band were mostly known for its early use of satanic and occult imagery in their music and stage act. The band were often compared with the better-known Heavy metal band Black Sabbath, but the bands were only superficially similar.

R.I.P. Streetball Legend - Tyrone Evans aka Alimoe
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30.11.2012 Anaal Nathrakh rocked the fuck out of the Electrowerkz in London

uploaded cause the other one was missing the first verse.
enjoy =)

Enjoy! ^^

Story: • (Sorry for my bad English)

Natasha loses the love of his life and is forced to see it spread chaos throughout the city and haunt your life, not daring to do anything, because still love him very much.
When Natasha tries to stop Joker, her memories to disturb.
Her love is not the same, it becomes a killer, breaking the woman every possible way ... your heart this time could not be cured.
» characters: The Joker (Heath Ledger) and Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) tribute c

From Russia with love, she is the spy former known as Natalia Alianovna Romanoff. Now known to Natasha to her allies and Black Widow to the rest of...

Excerpt taken from the live concert with Alice Cooper in London 2000.

Eric Doyle Mensinger (born May 12, 1958 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA), better known as Eric Singer, is a hard rock and heavy metal drummer for the rock band Kiss and formerly for singer Alice Cooper. Over the past two decades Singer has appeared on over 75 albums and 11 EPs.

When not touring with Kiss, Singer performed with Alice Cooper. Singer had been a member of Cooper's band since the release of the album Brutal Planet in 200

Photographer and Retoucher: Michelle Monique
Model and Makeup: Masha Meow
Wardrobe: Erika Robertson
Tarantula Handler: Faith Lucille
Photoshoot footage: Al Tabrizi
Intro Film: Michelle Monique
Vintage Film: Real footage taken by my grandma in the 50's.

Black Widow were UK's infamous Occult Prog band that delved alot in satanic themes, unlike their modern counterparts, their approach to Satanism was around the ritual, the mysticism and magic, instead of raw screaming and violence. Like any good ol' satanic ritual, theres a "sacrifice" at the end. You dont see that every day! Unfortunately, the band dropped the black magic act after the first album, became generic prog rock for 3 more albums and then faded away.

They play their first album "Sacrifice" in

Kind of a holy grail record for me, one I never thought I'd run across in junk shops! The record has a bad crack that curves along the groove but with my magic powers the track became playable! You'll notice this is the Canadian release.

# 5 The Avengers Featurette Black Widow. New video of Marvel's The Avengers Behind the Scenes with this featurette on the Black Widow ! Scarlett Johansson talk about her part and about the team of the Avengers !

# 5 The Avengers Featurette Black Widow. Don't miss The Avengers trailer and numerous movie clips and teasers ! The Avengers movie, directed by Joss Whedon and starring Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Renner and Samuel L. Jackson opens ap

[club38883333|Clintasha|Black eye|Hawkeye|Black Widow|]
Видео предоставлено группой со странным номером и канноным пейрингом (слэшерам чур не оспаривать) :D
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Out in the outskirts, near a railroad, a still in construction building is being occupied by GEORGI LUCHKOV, a LARGE, RUSSIAN
GENERAL along with his THUGS.
TALL THUG is in the middle of a brutal beating on NATASHA
NATASHA'S face. She feels the pain, but does not breakdown.
LUCHKOV, smiling, walks up to her. Dialogue is in RUSSIAN.


Лучший информационный ресурс о Игги:

Нельзя мне было смотреть Первого мстителя и читать Темного капитана с:

Avengers Confidential Black Widow & Punisher
Music: Skillet - The Resistance
Official page:

Одна из моих любимых серий. Сериала с моей любимой актрисой Дайан Дилэссио / Diane DiLascio в одной из главных ролей в этой серии

Sooo this was planned months ago and now it's finished! I think it turned out to be really badass, and I hope you guys think that way too! I'd like to thank my collab partner because she worked her ass off in order to get this done! I'm glad that I waited this long, because it looks incredible! Thanks Nastya!
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I did: Teen Wolf (for once h

Fucking awesome gig! title-track from "In the Constellation of the Black Widow". Live @ Clubzal, St.Petersburg, Russia (Зал Ожидания)
Filmed by Stucker |

official clip from Captain America 3 - Civil War, soon on DVD and Blu-Ray
Black Panther/T'Challa & Black Widow/Natalia Alianovna "Natasha" Romanoff in a scene that di not make the final cut of Captain America 3 - Civil War

In This Moment live @ROTR 2015 Mapfre Stadium Columbus, Ohio

The spider black widow has dangerous poisonous venom, one bite can cause fever and a coma, then cramp and death within minutes, this also applies to the scorpion yellow, although they Rarely stand face to face on camera, but this confrontation " violent ", Which lasted a whole minute.


This is what makes the tension/fighting between and among races such a tragedy. Someone else put us in this box, and they watch us go at each

Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff (BuckyNat)

Captain America: the Winter Soldier
Captain America: Civil War

Music: xAmbassadors - Eye of the Storm
Coloring: catty

After her lover Karl dies, Eleonora goes to his New York estate known as 'The Rubber House' in hopes of learning about him. While there, she becomes involved with the property's strange caretaker, Leslie.


Captain America Civil War behind-the-scenes interview with Scarlett Johansson. Watch Captain America Civil War b-roll footage ► Global Press Conferences Team Iron Man ► & Team Captain America ► Subscribe for the hottest movie & TV clips, trailers & promos! ►

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Set for release in the United

Recorded at Labatt's Apollo Hammersmith London, England on 19 July 2000
Drums: Eric Singer

Режиссер: Nic Cramer
В ролях: Asia Carrera, Gina Lynn, Tasha Hunter, Keki D'Aire, Mariah (I), Travis Lynn, Randy Spears, Nick East, Jon Dough, John Decker

Скачен по ссылки:

Живые выступления легендарного Элиса Купера всегда пропитаны духом рока и являют собой великолепное театральное действо. Одним из последних представлений «Великого и Ужасного» был живой концерт на известном фестивале в городе Монтре. В ходе этого шоу Элис исполнил все классические хиты группы, дополненные треками с последнего на тот момент альбома «Dirty Diamonds».

Clintasha|Black eye|Hawkeye|Black Widow
Видео предоставлено группой со странным номером и канноным пейрингом (слэшерам чур не оспаривать) :D
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WWE Divas[официальная группа]. Victory Bella sisters over the black widow

Закрытие мото-сезона НВ 2015, фестиваль Мой Рок

Мы ВКонтакте —

Всё, что вы хотели знать о технике, но стеснялись спросить - Motor World Magazine

Black Widow vs Scorpion in a death cage match.


THe Old News- Black Widow

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