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Watch this step-by-step guide on how to create the Romantic Fishtail Braid with Elnett Catwalk

In this episode of Hey, Hair Genius, Glamour’s Theodore Leaf shows you exactly how to do an easy fishtail braid; it’s a genius hairstyle when you have zero minutes to get out the door.

Коса рыбий хвост похожа на колосок. Выполняется прическа колосок просто и выглядит очень красиво. Косичку рыбий хвост иногда называют щучий хвост или хвост русалки.
По сути, прическа колосок - это плетение косички из 2-х прядей. Как правильно заплести рыбий хвост самой себе? Легко! Делим волосы на 2 пряди. Эти пряди будут основой прически колосок. Поочередно добавляем в плетение волосы с обеих сторон и перекрещиваем их, присоединяя к основе. Прядки волос нужно брать тоненькие и одинаковые по объему. Т

Build Tutorial by @squidoode Featuring: @alotawire
In this video, Roger (@alotawire) and I go over how to execute a 3 Loop Fishtail/Fishbone Braid along with a 5 Loop Split Core Fishtail Braid. Additional details below!

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This is a totally unique scarf braid style that is very easy and is sure to give you a more vibrant and lively look!
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Facebook: Check out my Fishtail Braided Nail Tutorial, they are so fun and easy to create. I used Salon Perfect polishes: Mint Julep, Gilded Gold, and Sugar Cube.


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Once you master Geri Hirsch's fishtail braid, you're going to need to keep it looking gorgeous! With one of our Sephora gift cards, you can keep your braid beautiful for days after its debut. Enter for your chance to win starting today through Nov. 8!

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Love this simple, sexy take on the classic Fis

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НАШИ ПРОЕКТЫ - Прически на каждый день - Салон красоты

Kayti Watson, of Orange County's Victor Paul Salon, shows you how to create an awesome fishtail braid for a great daytime or night time look.<br/><br/>

I absolutely LOVE halo braids but they can be really difficult especially if you are doing a fishtail halo braid! So this is an easier option that won't take days and frustration :) It has been my summer staple hairstyle! Hope you guys like it! xo

SWEATER: Wildfox

Learn how to make the fish braid hairstyle inspired by the ancient tradition. Hair stylist Lenka Hajšová shows you the hairstyle. For more information about the salon, visit

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How to fishtail braid with Monyca Eleogram.
You can find a step by step guide in pictures on the ROXY blog

Richard Phillipart at The Boutique Salon Chester gives his simple tips on how to re-create a youthful red carpet look, the fishtail braid.

1. Prep towel-dried hair by applying Tecni.ART VOLUME LIFT to the root and Tecni.ART CREPAGE DE CHIGNON all over the hair, then blow-dry.

2. Elevate the hair back by twisting it into sections to create a dishevelled texture. Bring the hair to the left to make a side pony tail behind your ear, securing with elastic.

3. Split the ponytail in half then pull thin strand

НАШИ ПРОЕКТЫ - Прически на каждый день - Салон красоты

hi (: hd! :D

hier seht ihr ein Tutorial, das von Elena Gilbert inspiriert ist (:
Es ist nicht exakt dieselbe Frisur, wie sie sie in der Serie trägt, weil Folge 4x07 (erst in 1 1/2 Wochen kommt bisher nur 2 Bilder veröffentlicht wurden, auf denen man nicht soo viel erkennt (:
ich hoffe trotzdem, dass es euch gefällt (:

alles liebe, caro ♥

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