Talib Kweli - Distractions


Talib Kweli " Distractions" Final Draft

http://www.vladtv.com/ - Famed Brookyln rapper Talib Kweli shares his thoughts on the existence of the illuminati, and how it's a "distraction" when people say that Jay-Z is involved in the organization. Talib also speaks about research he's done on the topic, and how Kanye was confused about it when he first made it big.

Talib Kweli Distractions

You wish it was you, don't you why you asking?
Try to break the law of attraction
Get a piece of my attention like a fraction of a ration
Or a measly little morsel
They suck your blood and you believe in the immortals
We nocturnal like a sleeping disorder
See the water drawing away from the shore
This ain't no ordinary storm
We fighting for a humanitarian cause
But have yet to show up in Darfur
The Arab Spring is what it's called
But they looking at the pride before the fall
They s