Tame Impala - Mind Mischief

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Directed by David Wilson

In his potent new film for Tame Impala's 'Mind Mischief', David Wilson revisits those curiosity-filled days of adolescence, viewing them through a nostalgic and psychedelic lens. It's a film in two parts that explores the magic and mystery of a teenage crush, revolving around the mildly explicit student/teacher fantasy of a wide-eyed schoolboy (played by the breakout star of cult film 'Son of Rambow', Bill Milner).
Illustrating the song's theme of 'mind mischief' and inspired by th


Co-produced by Urban Outfitters and Modular People.
Watch the making of this video here: http://youtu.be/OhMXWDj5y64

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Music by Tame Impala Director: David Wilson Animation Direction: David Wilson and Thomas Ormonde EP: Tamsin Glasson Producer: Julie Crosbie Production Manager: Drew O'Neill Casting: Anna Kennedy and Alec Drysdale Schoolboy: Bill Milner School Teacher: Liza Callinicos Male Teacher: Andrew Docker Schoolboy: Jake de la Mothe, Joshua Charles, Hugh Lovric, Laurence Montagu, Seb Luke-Virgo, Imran Mair, George Kirchner, Jack Kirkwood, James Welsh, Nima Bazcar, JJ Tominey, Stephen Rawson, Tim Walton

Track taken from Tame Impala's New Album "Lonerism"

Directed by David Wilson Subscribe - http://www.colonelblimp.com/#!subscribe Subscribe - http://www.blinkink.co.uk/index.php#!subscribe Remember high school? Remember the never ending lessons, the all-consuming crushes, the deep fascination with the opposite sex? However long ago it was, it's a time everyone gets a little wistful about. In his potent new film for Tame Impala's 'Mind Mischief', David Wilson revisits those curiosity-filled days of adolescence, viewing them through a nostalgic and psyc

Премьера клипа австралийских психодел-рокеров Tame Impala на песню "Mind Mischief". Песня вошла в последний альбом команды "Lonerism".

Just re-uploading because it was taken down from the main channel.

All credit to Tame Impala

feels like my life is ready to blow @ williamsburg music hall

cascade remix that is being played in this term of the tour

Tame Impala - Mind Mischief (w/Music to Walk Home By) – UC Berkeley, Live, 9-2-16, front row, Greek Theatre. Kevin Parker: I honestly didn’t know it would be like this tonight… A huge big fu*king amphitheater. lol

Other Tidbits:

For the final song, Jay Watson brought out a leaf blower to scatter all the fallen confetti on stage. Kevin: What the f*ck is that? lol

The Hearst Greek Theatre at U.C. Berkeley has an 8500 capacity. Pretty big indeed! :P

1. Nangs
2. Let It Happen
3. Mind Mischief

What an amazing show!

Live from the Vic theater, Chicago Il. 3/6/2013

Taken from their incredible performance on the Other Stage.
No idea where Kevin got a straw hat from half way through.
The set was amazing - watch it as a whole if you can as the the songs work together so well!
Very cool how the riff at the end is one used in another jam earlier in the set.
Thanks for watching,
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Download here: https://soundcloud.com/muskoka/mind-mischief-tame-impala-cover

Mind Mischief was written and originally recorded by Kevin Parker of Tame Impala.

Director David Wilson reports from the set of Tame Impala's video for "Mind Mischief," co-produced by Urban Outfitters along with Modular Recordings. Read an exclusive interview with the band about the video at http://blog.urbanoutfitters.com/tameimpala.

"Making Of" video directed by Ozzie Pullin.

Tame Impala playing Mind Mischief at Reading Festival on NME/Radio 1 Stage. Live streaming recording.

PLAYLIST (FULL SET): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_S67E8oS4I&list=SPKqu3H2Ustnhp4RbF8IWrjkW1agaUuRyw

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