Tarte Tatin

I really love this version of Tarte・Tatin ^^
The coord is from Cinderella story, and i think that the coord that Sumire is wearing i supposed to mean the Fairy godmother :)

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Французский яблочный пирог перевертыш тарт татен.

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Простой рецепт знаменитого пирога. В данном видео используется рубленое слоеное тесто, приготовленное по этому рецепту https://youtu.be/reeJJEAV9sU Так же этот пирог можно готовить и с песочным тестом или покупным слоеным.
В 100 г - 212 ккал.
глубокая толстостенная форма диаметром 23 см
рубленое слоеное - 400-450 г
яблоки - 1-1,2 кг
сахар - 140 г
масло сливочное - 70 г
ванильный сахар - 10 г
корица - 1 чайная ложка

Выпекать при температуре 200 С - 40 минут.
С горячего пирога с

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Pour occuper les enfants pendant les vacances voici une recette facile, traditionnelle et délicieuse pour ravir petits et grands ! La Tarte Tatin : des pommes, de la pâte brisée du sucre et le tour est joué. Petite astuce : accompagnez la tarte encore chaude d’une glace à la vanille.

Recette en vidéo de L'atelier des Chefs

Tarte Tatin salée aux oignons rouges et nouveaux précuits au miel et pignons de pin, le tout cuit au four sous une pâte feuilletée avec des rondelles de Tendre Bûche Chavroux.

Quantités pour 6 personne(s)

Tendre bûche Chavroux : 1 pc
Oignon(s) rouge(s) : 500 g
Oignon(s) nouveau(x) : 300 g
Miel : 40 g
Pignon(s) de pin : 50 g
Fleur de sel : 6 Pincée(s)
Moulin à poivre : 6 Tour(s)

Recipe from the Ministry of Food campaign. http://www.jamieoliver.com/jamies-ministry-of-food

Jamie's Ministry of Food first aired on Channel4 in the UK in September 2008

Джейми Оливер во Франции готовит Тарт Татэн

For more information and recipes from Jamie's Ministry of Food go to http://www.jamieoliver.com/videos

This is a lovely recipe, beautifully shot and really captures the love in preparing food, Check out our website www.foodcoup.com.au for more videos and information coming soon,

Dans cette recette de tarte tatin inspirée de Christophe Michalak, les pommes sont pochées dans un mélange de beurre et de sucre, plutôt que cu...

La recette de la tarte Tatin en vidéo. On vous explique toutes les techniques de ce dessert mythique.
Fiche recette :

The CrossFit Journal -- (http://journal.crossfit.com)

Think of it as "the world's greatest apple pie," Nick Massie says.

The tarte tatin—a special holiday treat—has its origins in the French countryside. It's an upside-down tart in which the fruit—usually apples—is caramelized in butter and sugar before being baked. Massie, a chef who runs PaleoNick.com, shows you how to prepare the sugary indulgence that's meant to be a rare reward rather than a regular part of a diet oriented toward athletic

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One of the most popular and delicious dishes all over the world! Baked apples with sweet caramel sauce and shortcrust pastry… What can be better for the St. Valentine’s Day dinner?

5 apples
100g sugar
30ml water
30ml cream
pinch of cinnamon
250g shortcrust pastry
½ lemon

Combine sugar with water and set on fire. Cook caramel until golden brown, then add cream, stirring constantly.
Peel apples, remove cores. Cut apples into quarters,

Flora and Sanna sneak into our neighbour's garden where the plums are perfectly ripe for this French classic, baked in the oven with in a cast iron pan. You can do this with apples, pear or cherries as well. Fun, easy and very good.

Привет! Очень вкусный французский пирог с карамелизированными яблоками.

9-11 яблок
300 гр. сахара
100 гр. сливочного масла
1 литр воды
слоеное тесто


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